Opposition to Children's Aid



Dead Baby Scam

A UN report deals with the Ontario practice of taking newborn babies from their mothers by deceit.


Canada Court Watch documents by women's shelter residents.


Canadian Council of Natural Mothers. Mothers who have lost children to adoption.


A mother is turned down for CAS membership. After her situation changes, satisfying the CAS conditions, she is rejected again without explanation.

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An adoptive mother writes a book boasting of her accomplishment in getting a baby, driving the natural mother to suicide.


A mother is harassed by the police, then the cops ask Children's Aid for help.


Mothers in Exile. This is an articulate group of mothers who lost their children through force, coercion and lies. The case of Cathy Henderson, occurred in Ontario.


Canadian Council of Natural Mothers.


Origins Canada, promoting adoption reunions.


An Ontario mother struggles with Children's Aid for five years, then loses four children. She sidesteps the law against naming parents by giving only her maiden name, Lisa Spring Sweet.


In the past we linked to two sites, babytameron.blogspot.com and caskidnappers.blogspot.com, with the following blurb:

A Chatham Ontario mother stays within the law by telling her story on the internet, without disclosing her family name, but includes names of social workers. CAS humiliated her family by disclosing a disease to their friends. While the baby gets substandard care, seven caseworkers have time to write reports on the case.

The blogs disappeared and we deleted the links. The linked pdf file discloses their fate and includes some of the purged content.


A woman who was both a foster child and mother recounts her experiences with Children's Aid.

Charmaine Smith

A Georgia mother loses her child. This story is typical of parents who lose their child in a hospital. At a certain point, a stranger appears asking new kinds of questions, and all doctors previously supportive suddenly become cold and unresponsive.

Women's Justice

Women's Justice Center based in California. This is a feminist site with a man-hating bias. It shows that advocates of all points of view are justifiably suspicious of child protectors.

Most all CPS/juvenile court Systems deal ONLY with Intra familial Child Abuse. This schism between the way society deals with child abuse perpetrated by a family member versus child abuse perpetrated by an 'outsider' points out a staggering hypocrisy in the rhetoric about treating child abuse seriously. Behind the rhetoric is a child welfare and police system that in reality works hand in hand to let most child abusers walk free.



Toronto-based organization of non-custodial parents. Divorce deprives ten times as many children of their parents as raids on intact families.


Canadian branch of Fathers-4-Justice, an activist organization that has moved family law onto the political agenda in the UK.


Thoughtful essay by Mark Charalambous on fatherhood shows what is wrong with the culture, and why seeking reforms such as shared parenting is futile.


Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile. A defunct website, for an organization still operating. The link is to the internet archives.


Equal Parenting, British Columbia. Very active site with lots of news.


This page gives facts related to child apprehensions. The main story is by lawyer Janet M Frederick detailing two years of experiences trying to save families from Michigan child protectors. Walter Schneider has assembled a huge volume of data on family destruction and divorce on other pages of this website.

Mary Janiga

A Hamilton Ontario father's 13-year-old daughter, while under care of CAS, gives birth to a baby girl. That girl becomes the pretext for total family destruction.


The full story of the Ellis family.


American Coalition for Fathers and Children. This advocacy site, dealing with divorce and separation, as well as child protection, respects high standards of scholarship.


Dr Stephen Baskerville is the most scholarly author writing on the subject of family law. The list of abuses on his home page includes many of the child protection problems found by Dufferin VOCA.


Betty Cornelius

Advocacy for grandparents.


Grand Parenting Again, Brantford



This site is by John Dunn, born in 1970, who grew up as a ward of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto. He is not allowed to see the records of his own childhood. Poster (pdf).

Shut down Youthdale!

Graduates of Toronto's Youthdale group home share experiences on this site operated by Movement Against Child Drugging, co-founder Horace Masamura. Most residents are placed by CAS, a few come from as far away as Newfoundland.


Tasha Gallant, website established at age seventeen.


Nicole Johnson was abused by her mother as a child. As an adult her children were removed from her care and placed with her abusive mother.


A UK organization of former foster children.


Truth in Adoption, by D Marie Marchand. A lawyer, herself adopted, seeks to allow all adopted children the right to see their own true birth records.


Autobiographical article by Duplessis orphan Daniel J Towsey.


Life as a Foster Child. A woman tells her experiences as a foster child in Alabama.


Teenager Christy Dawn McCurry offers to chat with others who have been separated from their own parents.

David Witzel

David Witzel does not have a website but his story was summarized in the legislature by Andrea Horwath. He is suing Hamilton Children's Aid for abuse during his childhood.

Youth in Care

National Youth in Care Network, Nicole Gaudenzi President. This is the voice of educated and articulate graduates of Canada's foster care systems.


Fostered Adult Children Together, by Carol Ann Lucas and John Dunn.


Roger Dean Kiser is a graduate of a Florida orphanage, and has written extensively on child abuse from the point of view of the child.

Adoption Show
waiver (mp3)

A web-only radio program dealing with the experiences of adoptees. The second link is to a gem extracted by John Dunn - a social worker herself adopted is forbidden to look at her own case file.


A thirteen-year-old girl flees Children's Aid.

Bastard Nation

Canadian arm of an international organization of adults adopted as children. These are the ultimate victims of Children's Aid. By Natalie Servant.


A social worker tests a boy for circumcision, by hand. The first link is his voice (mp3), the second points to a collection of documents regarding his case.


Lawrence P Adams writes on his experiences growing up in the foster care system.


Autobiographical fragments by former foster child Richard MacKenzie (1978-2004).


Thoughts on a world with grown foster children.


Son of VOCA. Pictures of apprentice at Prague, August 2009, Athabasca glacier, August 2010 and Mattawa March 2011.



Adoption DNA Matching. This is the ultimate service for reuniting parents and children separated by forced adoption. Submit a DNA sample, and they will keep it on record for five years (renewable) and check monthly against others in the database.


When a normal child is ripped from his family and placed with strangers, whether fosters or adopters, he is resentful of the new family. The therapeutic industry insists on treating this as a disorder of the child, and has a number of abusive treatments (leading in one case to the death of the child). The link is to a website gathering video clips of the therapy.

Rate MDs

Check this registry to find out about your doctor before he harms your family.


A list of breaches of the peace committed by people under the influence of psychotropic drugs (including the very hazardous drug withdrawal). It includes a source for each incident. Assembled by Sara Bostock, whose daughter committed suicide in 2002 after two weeks on Paxil.


Another list of crimes and attempted crimes committed under the influence of psychotropic drugs. Requires Adobe Flash Player.


Alliance for Human Research Protection. A site gathering information on the failings of the pharmaceutical industry.


This site posted by the Cook County Public Guardian (Chicago Illinois) contains numerous accounts of child abuse at the hands of the foster care system. Unlike most of our references, it is by a public officer.


This is a collection of articles assembled as a hobby, and unlinked from the commercial site acting as host. Most are unrelated to family law, but under CHILDREN'S AID, note the Aylmer and Mielke cases.


Stolen Kids blog, UK.


Stolen Children of the UK.



Rev Dorian Baxter was the first person to successfully sue Children's Aid. His organization is the National Association for Public and Private Accountability. Rev Baxter speaks Swahili, and appears on stage as Elvis Priestley.

Court Watch

Canada Court Watch. This organization deals with the entire family destruction industry in Canada, including Children's Aid. The site is the work of Dorian Baxter, and anonymous staff.


American Family Rights Association. Big-tent opposition to child-protectors, operated by Leonard Henderson. This is now the most active opposition site.


Ripoffreport.com is a service for consumers to report bad experiences with vendors. The link is to their index on "Child protective Services".


National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center. This organization is dedicated to assisting in the defense of families from the social services system. The prime movers are Kim Hart and Barbara Bryan (Advocate for the innocent). From another website here is a recording of Barbara Bryan speaking on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, MSBP (ram, requires Real Player).


Nordic Commission on Human Rights.



Big Sister is Watching, text accompanying talk to Libertarian Convention

Anne Cools

Senator Anne Cools is the highest ranking political leader to take a stand against the family court system. Her website does not do justice to her position on the matter.

Pam Roach

Pam Roach is a member of the Washington state senate, a Republican first elected in 1990 representing a district area between Seattle and Tacoma. On her blog, starting with the August 26, 2008 entry, she deals with her state's child protection agency.

John Hemming
Justice for Families

British MP John Hemming, Liberal Democrat elected in 2005 representing Birmingham (Yardley), deals with family law on his blog. Also, watch his advocacy for parents falsely convicted of harming their own children.


Litigation is futile as a means of taming the beast, but it sometimes gives some insight into the operation of the child protection system.

Dale Nolan

Lawyer's memo about child killed by child protectors. While this memo presents only one side, the claim was ultimately settled for most of the amount of the county's insurance coverage.


New Hampshire engineer/lawyer couple dealing with child-protection, Ric & Paula Werme.

Gregory A Hession

Massachusetts lawyer, attorney for Nev and Tom Moore. Click the tabs under DSS outrage. The laws he cites apply only to Massachusetts, but the tricks are the same everywhere.


A Michigan family sues child protectors. The first six pages of the document are not a family's accusations, but a judge's findings, about the method of invading a home.


An ACLU supported suit against Pennsylvania child protectors. According to the ACLU, the suit is still pending as of Winter 2005. (pdf).


Site dealing with abuse by the legal system generally, including occasional reference to family law.


Site titled Get your kids back from CAS! by the Windsor Ontario law firm of Pearce, Ducharme and Associates. We express no opinion positive or negative of this firm. Below is the only client comment we have found, from an open Facebook forum.

Yvonne Craig If you've read my postings you've heard from a client...& you've witnessed the OUTCOME. I was kicked out of his practice...issued a verbal "desist" from contact ultimatum...I had to "re-prepare" the documents in the proper forms (according to procedural rules WHICH the lawyer as Child Protection EXPERT should have KNOWN to prepare the PROPER form)...I have all the e-mails & draft copies/finalized forms archived in my e-mails & under my documents. He went on a POWER trip when he didn't get his way.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch



Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. Libertarian author, writing on many subjects including family law. For example, The Business of Child Stealing in Florida.


These sites are the work of single activists opposing child protection.

Warning! There are a few double-agents posing as CAS opponents, but really on the social services payroll. Be careful.


Banished babies in Canada.


Child Assist Services, group based in Hamilton Ontario, dedicated to helping the mostly poor families threatened by the other, mega-funded, CAS.


CAS ONTARIO, by Pat Niagara.


CAS Corruption


Les Crimes Économiques de Services Sociaux (CESS)
Social service economic crimes

Bilingual site based in Quebec.

Scott Clarke

Protecting Our Families. Most Canadian CAS sites disappear in less than a year. This, hosted by Yahoo, has a chance to last longer. In case the website disappears, here is the family story.

Lisa Di Veto

An ethics-based evaluation of a Canadian fundraiser.

Dunn Klein

Protecting Canadian Children. This site is the work of John Dunn, Erika Klein and anonymous contributors.

Mike Egger

Father of crown ward confiscated in 2003.

Family Justice

Family Justice Online.

Rob Ferguson

Rob Ferguson and Kalena Mallon are controversial CAS opponents in Brantford Ontario. The link is to his business site, with little about family rights.

Ryan Kidd

Family Aid, faith-based opposition centering on the Aylmer case, by Ryan Kidd. Mr Kidd is very well informed about Children's Aid, and is a good source of help for any Ontario families affected.


Participate in the poll "How to Make CAS Accountable" by Family Aid.

Fighting 4 Families

Website organizing opposition to children's aid formed April 2008.


Corruptioncentral by Samuel Fragomeni focusing on Sudbury Ontario.


I am NOT your children's aid.

Shawna Kudos

FoKiss International

I have been a victim of Jewish Family and Child Services injustices. I was charged with assaulting my youngest son in May, 2003 and subsequently had my two youngest children removed from my care, without trial. It took me three years, much heartache, money and wasted time to even begin to overcome the tyranny that this supposedly helpful agency has inflicted upon my family and self and to clear my good name. I had to hire both a criminal lawyer and family law lawyers as well as a private investigator. I eventually ended up defending myself in court. You may be asking, "why the private investigator?" Well, I was not even present when my son, who was 80 percentile deaf at the time of his injury, fell and banged his ear. The private investigator was hired in order to interview the five witnesses. At the time of this intrusion into my life, I was a successful landlord, artist and entrepreneur. I had been blessed with five beautiful children as well. The ripple effects of what Jewish Family and Child service did to my family was devastating. I was forced to jump through many hoops of imposed meetings, courses, court appearances, mental health assessments not to mention supervised visitations with my children. I had to take parenting courses (i am a mother of 5) and anger management courses, (who wouldn't be angry in such a situation?). My elderly parents suffered, my three older children suffered, my business suffered. I lost everything material in order to fight these tyrants - my real estate, my business, my marriage and almost my sanity. My youngest children, then aged 6 1/2 and 5, were traumatized and still suffer from flashbacks.


Failsafe Lanark, founded by Sarah Laurin.


Carolyn Middleton comments on child protection.

Dee Montag

Memorial and advocacy site for Dee Montag, a 20-year-old mother driven to suicide after CAS took her baby.

France casinternment2

The Norris link is to our account of the case. The casinternment site was established by two children taken from their mother and forced into foster care. The site was taken over by their mother and expanded. The site is now gone, ended by court order. The next two links are to mirror sites in Russia and France. We have a local copy, showing what was created by the children. The mother spent time in jail for keeping this on the internet. The final link is to a new site started by Cathy in March 2007.


People Assisting Parents Association. British Columbia.

Amanda Reed

Blog centering on the Jeffrey Baldwin case.

Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid, three years old, was murdered in his Welland Ontario foster home by another foster child, possibly mentally handicapped, on December 15, 2005. An unknown person has assembled material relating to his death.


Father Nadir Siguencia lost his children in retaliation for advocacy.


Website of Karen Selick, a Belleville Ontario lawyer who writes articles critical of the family law system in Canada.


Dolores Sicheri's website with Dave Dunkelberger, and an article dated October 2005 giving her thoughts on the family.


sosquebec. Child protection in Quebec.


A woman loses her nephews to Children's Aid in Ontario.


What would you do? The website is attributed to Alana Lubenkov, Christine Rutherford, Francis Daigle, Jennifer Ford, Linda Cullen, Lori Gauthier, Michelle Glover, Roy Sullivan.

[1] [2]

Linda Youngson has spent years researching child protection in Nova Scotia. Among her conclusions are:
  • Many rights are extinguished unless claimed at the first hearing, three days after snatching the child. Since most families cannot find a lawyer in that time, their rights are lost. As for finding a lawyer, she says: "To date, we have not found any Nova Scotian family lawyer we would recommend to anyone".
  • Lawyers never represent children in child protection cases, though they are permitted, sometimes required, by law. Social workers prevent parents and children from discussing their case at visitation, so neither can learn that the child's wishes were never presented in court.
  • When a family proposes placing children with relatives, those relatives are subjected to psychiatric evaluations that are biased and unprofessional. The professional society is ineffective in handling complaints.
  • After CAS has destroyed a family, the courts can compel the victims to pay for their own destruction.

The last sites are posted anonymously


Canadian blogger, inactive since 2004.


A web design company declares war on injustice.

USA Activists:

There are hundreds of sites opposing child protection in the United States. Here are a few of the best alphabetically. For the most complete list, refer to AFRA.


Collection of false allegations of child abuse, mostly through criminal actions.


Website dedicated to saving a girl named Alexis, born ca 2005, taken from competent and loving grandparents and placed with neglectful foster mother Linda Gallez. This is the same girl the blog of Washington state senator Pam Roach calls Lisa.

Roma O Amor

In this mom vs dad case, an Arizona mother keeps a detailed visitation diary showing her son's abuse in foster care, confiscation of her gifts to her son and reversal of toilet training.

Christina M Amtower

Family Rights West Virginia. For her situation, read her congressional testimony.


Newborn baby boy Blaze was taken from two loving parents because his mother used a legal prescription drug.

Diane Booth

A mother who refused to let her son be drugged suffered an experience from the X-files, including watching her son abused in an institution, flight to a foreign country and a term in prison.

Jackson Bortz

Following the accidental death of a baby, child protectors seized Jackson Bortz from a Georgia family.

James Roger Brown

The Sociology Center, based in Arkansas.

Cheryl Bryant Bruce

Three activists, Cheryl Bryant Bruce, Kimberly Gomez and Charmaine Smith, prepared this manifesto (MS Word document).

Vickie Burris

Citizens for Change, based in Kansas. Under Shock and Awe, it formerly included three television programs by KOAM-TV. In Kansas at least, TV has figured out what a sham child-protection really is.

Gwen Caldwell

Voice of women, in South Dakota.

Mary Callahan

Address by foster parent and author Mary Callahan detailing failures of the child protection system. Her address applies to the state of Maine, but the same failures are widespread elsewhere.


Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition, by Clarence Cooper.

Susan Detlefsen

Mother Interrupted. Oregon mother with her own tv show.


Virginia Child Stealers, by Fred and Michelle Diniwddie.

Jude Doty

A Yakima Washington homeschooling family is financially ruined by regulators and CPS. Here is another account by Tricia Smith Vaughn.


Evelyn, daughter of 17-year-old Stephanie Bennett, was removed from her family after mom signed away the baby under apparent coercion. Link to a news story. This case was also the topic of the Adoption ShowA for April 15, 2007.


Florida Corruption.

Gary Gates

Texas Center for Family Rights, formed by Gary and Melissa Gates after their own children were stolen.


Georgia Family Rights by Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez and Paige Roberts.

John Gilman

This Oregon based site has a large number of experiences with child protectors in both text and audio form, as well as some links to other sites including scholarly references.

Annette M Hall

The link is to the blog, check other parts of the website for information and news.

Kim Hart

Kim Hart has a business helping people falsely accused of child abuse. She has also helped Canadians.

Kit and Nancy

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers, by Kit and Nancy. In YouTube videos, a mother describes the steps in removal of her daughter.

Anna Mae He

Chinese parents Jack and Casey He gave temporary custody of their daughter Anna Mae to the Baker family in Memphis Tennessee. When they asked for the return of the girl, the Bakers refused and after five years the Hes lost all parental rights.

Wyatt Hines

Wally and Debbie Hines had a son afflicted with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis imperfecta or OI), and had to flee to protect him from CPS. This site gives their rather restrained suggestions on how to deal with the child protectors.


Honk for Kids, based in Indiana.


The Family Defense Center is an Illinois legal group using litigation to protect families from child protectors.


The story of two girls, Alyssa Anne Keast and Amber Marie Keast, stolen by Michigan child protectors.

Kids for Sale

Lots of current info.


Baby stolen by California CPS

Nancy Luckhurst

Foundation for Children's Rights, headed by Nancy Luckhurst in Michigan. Check out the newsletter.

T Major

A high-functioning mom had her ten-year-old son stolen on false accusations, she was served at a false address and could not read her file until months after her child was taken by default. She has assembled many other instances of abuse by CPS.

Linda J Martin

California mother's decade-long struggle against CPS.


Yvonne Mason, Protecting our Children from Being Sold.


A young man who never had a chance.

M Murphy

A mother's story that was bullied off the internet in Texas.

Andre L. Noel

Oregon-based site, with many detailed cases.

Heather Perez

Joe and Heather Perez lose their family.


Polk County Corruption (Florida).

Greg Pound

Watch an hour and a half of video by parents who have lost their children.

Gary A Preble

Olympia Washington lawyer dealing with child protection.


Sites by Carmen Rodriguez. The family's oldest daughter, an aspiring social worker, turned on her own family and destroyed it.

Connie Roska

Utah Families Association

Bonnie Russell

Exposé of family law courts in California

Robin Scoins

Arizona Family Rights Association. Gone from the internet, following an unusual legal action targeting her as an unregistered lobbyist. Formerly at azfra.us.


After a divorced husband complains about a mother's care of their child, CPS takes the girl. The guardian ad litem places a lien on the mother's house, her lack of housing becomes a reason to lose her child, who is adopted by strangers. When the mother asks for documents relating to her case, CPS claims they have been shredded.

Scot and Powell

Parent Guidance Center, 9600 Escarpment Blvd Suite 745-255, Austin Texas 78749, founded by Johana Scot and Judy Powell. Former child-savers who discovered the real victims in family law.

Jan Smith

Citizens for Family Preservation, by Jan Smith.


Jack and Kathy Stratton. This interracial family had ten children taken by North Carolina child protectors. Jack has twice run for public office.


Texas lawyer Paul Stuckle enumerates CPS abuses.

Robert Surgenor

A retired Ohio police officer defends families.

Nate Tseglin

Nate Tseglin suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (genius disorder). At home he learned to speak English and Russian, and read Spanish and Hebrew. He was doing well until age 15, when psychiatrists started treating him with psychotropic drugs. He has gone downhill since. On January 12, 2007 four sheriffs forcibly removed Nate from his parents' home at the request of CPS. Since then he has been been forbidden to speak Russian and has been forcibly treated with Depakote, Haldol, Ativan, Cogentin, Abilify, Keppra, Celexa, and Benadryl. These have induced convulsions and a grand mal seizure. Hospital staff cannot understand why he exhibits bizarre and paranoid behavior toward them.


Nicci and Jeremiah Wade

Jodie Wardell

She does not have her own website, but the link shows some well-informed testimony about child protection in Montana.


Washington State Extended Families, by Jan Smith.

Katie Wernecke

Story of family seized because parents tried to get a second opinion on cancer treatment for teenaged girl.

Chris White

Single father framed for raping his six-year-old daughter.


Nina Wonders-Kritner was separated from her family and pleads on camera for the right to return. On October 8, 2009 she ran away from Alabama social services.

John Zanudo

Parents Abused by Social Services (PASS). A California family fights back. Website formerly at parentsabusedbyss.org.

Bogus Opposition:

In the litigation-prone United States, groups acting in the name of children sue child-protectors for relief enhancing state power at the expense of families. Courts favor amicable settlement to the extent that these suits can have more legal force than legislation. This kind of bogus opposition may come to Canada.


Center for Children's Advocacy, Hartford Connecticut


Children's Rights Inc, New York, Marcia Lowry is the prime mover. This organization has sued many child protection systems, exposing their abject failure to care for their wards. The relief sought is more money for foster care.


Kentucky Youth Advocates. This organization suggests one way to prevent child abuse is "Advocate for increased funding for family services". But it issued a report titled The Other Kentucky Lottery (2006) that touched off a scandal in Kentucky.


Complaint in Marisol vs Giuliani, an example of the work of Children's Rights Inc, detailing the mess in foster care in New York City.

Rick Thoma

Lifting the Veil, supportive of CPS, but with useful information about the system.


Children Hostages In Lifes Derangement, Indiana


Best Interests E-Magazine


National Center for Youth Law


Parental Defense, established by the state of Utah in response to child protection scandals. Staffed by lawyers from the social services system, it contains some information helpful for legal defense.