The following text, posted on another website, was ordered deleted by a court. In the age of the internet, information can never really be erased. The original post, and the letter requiring deletion follow.

M. Murphy

Comments: I am a mother whose life has been stolen by CPS in Collin County, Texas. They have watched me be victimized by my ex-husband and mother who I spent 8 years trying desperately to free myself from -- by moving to another state even. I have been forced to relocate to Texas now, sign a lease, and stay here when my husband, my son's stepfather who raised him from age 2 -- is still in Florida! They have medicated my precious child now and refuse to tell me what he is on. The hearing came about 5 months after they took him under an "emergency removal". When they processed the "emergency removal" and "notified me" but my son had been KIDNAPPED **2 weeks** earlier by his grandmother and my ex-husband who was the SAME PERSON that filed the referrals against me! They did an entire investigation of abuse and neglect against me and put him in foster care and destroyed my son's life and our family, and all without one time ever seeing me and my son together before they took him! They never one time saw him at home! They never one time have seen he and I interact except in supervised visitation -- AFTER they took him. They never one time interviewed his family that raised him in Florida, his friends, doctors, neighbors, schools, nobody that knows us! Now I have been in the hospital sick, having emergency surgery that disfigured me -- from an illness that was exacerbated by stress -- because I'm so worn down from the devastation this has caused -- and now our caseworker is using THAT as a reason for me not seeing my son. I knew to watch out for CPS but this is the worst nightmare I ever imagined -- and I can't wake up -- because its real. Its so real it is killing me. I feel so helpless. If the police had enforced my protective order at any time during this whole ordeal, none of this would have gone so far -- my abuser would've been in jail. He owes me $30,000.00 in child support, and is at the courthouse doing a high-five with the the cops. What is wrong with THAT? They wouldn't enforce it because it's a Florida Order. He is not supposed to come within 500 feet of me or my son, and he has posted pictures on the internet of my son being at his house, posted pictures on the internet of my apartment when he robbed it, mocking me and making horrific allegations! The cops let him do it -- and refuse to investigate my theft saying its "civil" - $15,000.00 worth of my stuff stolen by a man that's ordered to stay away from me completely, who confessed online to doing it with my son present, is NOT a civil matter. It is a crime -- and my son is gone. What do you do when the impossible surrounds you and your child is the lifeline you hold onto -- barely - ?

And the letter to the webmaster requiring deletion. To avoid getting this client in more legal difficulty, some names have been changed to xxxxx.

January 14, 2005

I am a member of xxxxx. I am a client of the wonderful Collin County, Plano, Tx. Attorney xxxxx xxxxx. I am a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence and marital rape, and I am a mother of a CPS hostage.

Now I am the voice of truth and the Collin County District Attorney is afraid of that truth being revealed. the post below - SPECIFICALLY - was COURT ORDERED to be removed or I will face possible JAIL. I have never been to jail before. They said it was a violation of my son's privacy but unless you know my family you would not know who my son is . however, you would know what organization is violating my civil rights by reading my post below. Therefore they want it taken down, and the Court agreed, and as such, I must follow Court Order and request that you take the post below down from the xxxxx website. The caseworkers are checking it regularly to see to it that I don't reveal their secrets.

What do you think of this? Just . curious.?

Thank you for your help xxxxx - I stand by your cause - STRONGLY

M Murphy