Police Harassment

On this mp3 audio file an Ottawa mother describes her harassment by police. When they get in trouble, they call for back-up from the Children's Aid Society. Canada Court Watch sent this out on September 18, 2005. To make it easier to follow, here is a transcript of her words.

I believe that the children's Aid are after me only because the police went in there and made a bunch of false allegations and that's because I have taped the police ... I have actually tried to go after them for perjury and I am looking at launching a lawsuit with a lawyer in Ottawa right now.

And I was taping my conversations with them I've got many hours of tape and they lied about absolutely everything.

And then when I confronted them saying: look, I got you on tape, and you're lying, I can prove it. then I came under police harassment, which I actually got on my security cameras I got two vehicles in front of my house harassing me.

When I confronted the police over that I had caught their two cop ... two vehicles on my security cameras harassing me they immediately phoned the Children's Aid Society, told them that I was paranoid, delusional .. delusional and (indistinct) and tried to get me forcibly committed. I think that would have done, would have been, if they were successful in doing that, which they weren't (I didn't even know about it until just recently) they would have been able to then walk off with my tapes ... and what a great way to degrade me and ... take off with my tapes.