A Look Inside Women's Shelters

Canada Court Watch has assembled a set of recordings and documents by former residents of women's shelters in Ontario. They give a picture differing greatly from the image of women's shelters promoted by either proponents or critics.

The sound clips are in mp3 format. To listen to them you will need a computer with a sound system, and a media player capable of playing mp3. With a low speed connection, right click on the link and download the whole mp3 file before playing it.

This set was with a resident of Denise House in Oshawa Ontario.

The Russian woman Irene interviewed in the following set is an immigrant who is qualified as a physician in her home country, but a layman in Canada.

Three other women describe their experiences in women's shelters.

Here is an interview with a girl, one of two taken from their father. It is in flv format (flash video), 42 megabytes.

These are not a recordings, but letters.