Audio Files




(mp3) A short clip from the testimony of a young mother who was abused in foster care and witnessed the physical abuse of other children by CAS workers while in foster care.


(mp3) A mother who has lost her children feels a judge is stalking her. Canada Court Watch posted this March 23, 2005.


(mp3) A mother tells of the rape of her daughter in foster care, her bouncing from home to home and birth control from age 13. When the girl runs away, CAS has no interest in finding her. Posted by Canada Court Watch February 22, 2006.


(mp3) A woman pursuing a complaint against CAS is refused a hearing because of a tape recorder. Posted by John Dunn, April 22, 2005.


(mp3) A women's shelter worker describes the humiliation of her client by York Region Children's Aid and a lawyer from the Office of the Children's Lawyer, who laughed at her when she suggested a Muslim diet for her child. Canada Court Watch posted this March 18, 2005.


(mp3) A teenaged CAS punk bosses a Hamilton Ontario mother. Canada Court Watch posted this March 12, 2005.

No Dad

(mp3) CAS uses the threat of child removal to force a mother to keep a father from his children. Posted by Canada Court Watch December 7, 2005.



A man is denied a true record of the court hearing in his case. Recorded by Canada Court Watch on February 16, 2006.


The lawyer appointed through the Office of the Children's Lawyer breaches his client's confidence, then makes up a story getting the judge incensed. The father is not allowed to view the discussions between the lawyers and the judge, and gets no opportunity to present his case. Posted by Canada Court Watch January 9, 2006.


Durham Children's Aid compels a father to relinquish his right to record his son. Posted by Canada Court Watch April 29, 2005.


A father came home to find his wife and daughter gone. He asked Children's Aid for help in locating his child. The recording shows what he got. Posted by Canada Court Watch July 4, 2005. (mp3)


(mp3) A single father loses his daughter because of an allegation.


(mp3) CAS defies an order from a judge. Posted by Canada Court Watch September 30, 2005.


(mp3) A father's experience with CAS shows that fatherhood is a luxury restricted to those with means. He also reports that child removal can be done by unlicensed staff. Canada Court Watch distributed this on November 18, 2005.


(mp3) A father refuses to sign an agreement with Children's Aid, but they get a forged signature. Canada Court Watch distributed this on March 24, 2006.


A Canadian father flees with his Indonesian wife and their child to Indonesia to escape the tyranny of CAS. Recorded September 18, 2006.


The first three recordings by a grandmother were made December 19, 2005 by Canada Court Watch.


(mp3) A judge orders family members ejected from the courtroom in their own case.


(mp3) A three-year-old boy is touched sexually in foster care. The "dead boy" mentioned is Matthew Reid.

No Lawyers

(mp3) Lawyers refuse to take CAS cases out of disgust.


(mp3) A grandmother reports how CAS drove her 33-year-old daughter to suicide. Recorded November 28, 2006.



Police "protect" T Norris, March 6, 2006.


A former foster child reports that in the group home she was assigned the chore of writing case notes on behalf of a social worker, so, according to Canada Court Watch, the worker could watch TV. Recorded April 17, 2006.


A mother sets an example for her son. A court has awarded custody to the mother in preference to the father, yet in child protection far smaller faults lead to loss of custody. Canada Court Watch distributed this recording in July 2005. The voices on the recording are of mother, son and step-dad. It contains offensive language.

CAS visits

A student expresses dislike of CAS visits during school hours. Canada Court Watch posted this in November 2004.


A ten-year-old boy in a Durham Ontario group home describes his experience. Canada Court Watch posted this in September 2004.



Rusty Roska had an extended illness until diagnosed and treated by his doctors. After improving, Utah child protectors seized him at age 11 on May 28, 1999 and kept him for a week, giving him wrong medication that nearly killed him. Parents Connie and Jim Roska are suing the child protectors.

This recording from Utah Families Association is between Connie's lawyer Steve Russell and a former caseworker, Shirley. It reveals many of the tricks of the trade. The financial incentives driving child removal remain unknown to front-line workers, whose drive is only: "get 'em".