Please consider contacting us. This is a very newsworthy story. There are very many families that are affected by the agency. We need to stand together before Ontario’s family trees are reduced to stumps….

Due to today's court proceedings I can’t post any names on the site, that is why there is oldest daughter and foster father instead of the names.

The story from Brantford, Ontario about the elder abuse is just a ripple in this ocean. We just need someone with an open mind and an open heart to listen. That’s all we parents ask.

My family has been fighting for our three small children for 32 months now and still haven't been able to say not even one word in court as of yet. But the real story here is that my oldest daughter kept coming to the visit with bruises and bumps. She also stated to us and in front the worker that the foster parents were hurting her. We would keep asking the workers to get them out of that home and they didn't. After about six months of pleading with them to help my children, the worst did happen. My child arrived to a visit with three bruises around her throat. I asked her, in front a worker, "What happened to your neck oldest daughter?" She replied, "foster father grabbed my neck and squeezed, daddy". Very heartbreaking. The worker wrote down what she said. My wife and I pleaded not to send them back to that home but they did anyway. We complained to everyone we could get to listen to us at CAS. Our children were finally removed from that home, but not until the next day. At our next court appearance, we told the judge what had happened and he ordered an investigation to be done. This is good. At least so we thought. The CAS did the investigation. It came back as the reason the children were removed is because communications between the foster parents and my wife and me had broken down. They swept it under the carpet.

The regulation of the Children’s Aid Society must include meaningful participation by laypersons from the community. Self regulation by the Children’s Aid Society cannot serve to best protect the children and their families because there is an inherent conflict of interest. Regulation, in order to be effective, must have significant input from an independent body of citizens whose primary obligation is to protect the rights of the children, not those who are being regulated.

We’ve been trying for months to get the family access notes from the CAS because it has our children’s statements in it which implicates individuals of wrongdoing. We have only received 7 of the over 200 visits and that was from June of 2002 and August 2002 and it is now 2005. We need some assistance to get to the bottom line.

Another is our court file. There are out and out lies and deceit in the documents. Sworn affidavits that the CAS has brought forth that provide the proof that they were malicious and lied. Using their words to prove our story is the only way anyone will listen to us.

Please contact us. This is an ongoing problem and it needs to be exposed. We have put together an organization or a union of concerned individuals and parents that are working co-operatively to alleviate the problems throughout Ontario but we are sure it is like this across Canada. There are many, many stories such as ours. Check out our website it has a lot of information there that you may find useful. Just take five minutes out of your day, please. The children deserve that much.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.