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List of Ontario rallies for CAS accountability, 2013.

Rallies for past years: 2010 2011 2012.


Fixcas aims to reform the Children's Aid Societies of the province of Ontario.

Formerly Dufferin VOCA, our connection with Dufferin is now mostly historical. Our efforts at reform through a membership drive have been outlawed through changes to the bylaws, so reform can now only be achieved through the provincial government.


Here are some experiences with the Society.

Click here for a synopsis of Dufferin cases.

Here are several specific cases:
Alain, Amanda, Anne, Arrowsmith, Burke, Carol, Carter, Cassandra, Dunn, Ellis, father, Hamilton CAS, Howard, Krista, Laurin, Long, Marcia, Matthew, McQuaid, Nick, Norris, Skinner, Shawn, Stevenson, Tomkinson, Wigston

Our platform:

  • The best interest of the child is in keeping his parents.
  • Let parents answer charges before losing their children.
  • CAS should abide by its agreements with parents.
  • CAS should never suggest divorce.
  • Children should not go from two natural parents to foster care.

Link for a comprehensive list of reforms.

What you can do:

We try to post as many documents as possible about Children's Aid. If you are willing to give us photocopies, please call.

We welcome reports from all sources. If you are a current or former child-protection worker or foster parent, we welcome your comments as well. Full confidence can be maintained where necessary.

From time to time, there are rallies supporting protection of families and children from children's aid. These are an effective means of getting the attention of legislators. Come to as many of them as possible.

For suggestions on how to save your own family from CAS, try help.

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Our masthead shows a painting by Nicolas Poussin, created in the 1630s and now at the Musée Condé, Chantilly. Viewing nearly four centuries ahead, he depicted what a child protection worker thinks is rescuing a baby from an abusive mother. For a larger than full screen version, click on the image below. For more art on the same theme click Herod.

Nicolas Poussin, Massacre of the Innocents


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