Brant Children's Aid Abducted & Abused My Grandson

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Debra Arrowsmith
Nurse for 30 yrs (retired due to injury)
Brantford, Ontario
Children's Aid Society of Brant
2011 - 2011
Children and Youth Services
Dr. Eric Hoskins (LIB)

I raised four children, including my grandson since he was 11 months old. Today, he is 11 years old. Following a non-violent marital break-down, the worker from Children's Aid Society of Brant felt our child was 'in emotional harms way'. My grandson was emotionally destroyed by this agency. The Children's Aid Society of Brant abducted him, then the worker committed perjury. Previously, my grandson was outgoing and happy, he was very people friendly and made friends no matter where we were. He was returned to us an emotional mess, suicidal, and a recluse who is too afraid to leave the house.

The worker perjured herself by stating that my grandson developed a bowel problem due to stress in the household. She had no medical training or authority to attribute a pre-existing condition to validate her reasons, which my grandson has had since he was 2 years old. I have proof of his condition from doctors. Secondly, she perjured herself when she stated we don't allow my grandson to have friends. This was absolutely untrue. He was very outgoing and made friends easily. The Children's Aid Society of Brant threw him in a foster home and told our grandson we did not love him, and no longer wanted him. He was abused and neglected by this agency.

Contrary to our wishes and our culture, our child was made to work in a Christian camp and go to church. The worker lied to us and kept changing her story. She would allow visits, then deny visits on a whim. When she got caught in her lies, they were covered up by her supervisor. It took us four months to fight this agency. We finally succeeded when our case was moved to Aboriginal Services - where it should have been at the very start, not months after we requested it.

The new worker was a human being that did her job and saw through the lies of the previous worker. She worked with us, was not condescending like the other worker, and knew what was right for our child. Though our child was returned to us, we now have an emotionally unstable child who requires counselling to help him deal with his time in foster care, and is now being seen by McMaster psych. He threatens suicide, is emotionally unstable and insecure. This was not our healthy happy child returned to us, but a broken soul - broken by a worker, her supervisor, and The Children's Aid Society of Brant.

We were never given a voice. The judges only spoke with CAS lawyers, and never with us. We were in financial crisis at this time due to job loss. Money was very tight and we had no extra money to hire lawyers, or we would lose our home and not be able to provide for our family. The Children's Aid Society did not invest in our child when they had him. Instead, they told us that we had to pay for our grandson's needs while he was in care. (I later found out that the agency was recording expenses they were spending on our grandson, when in fact, they did not spend any money on him.) I was the one who bought him clothes, shoes, and whatever was needed for him. In foster care, they were sending him to school wearing shoes that were falling off his feet. (I still have those shoes if anyone would like to see them). They ripped him away from his friends at school. Yet, they accused us of not allowing him to have friends. They told him we no longer wanted him or loved him, and that he was never coming home. Yet, they deny ever saying these things. (Our grandson told us they told him these things. Where else would he have heard this from, to even tell us about it???)

He was physically abused in foster care. We noticed a bruise of a full hand print on his upper arm. I kept asking the worker what happened, only to be told weeks later that “it was nothing and dealt with” and that “it was just a little pinch”. In fact, it was a full hand printed bruise. Each finger was evident in that bruise. It was also witnessed by someone outside of their agency. While in foster care, he was traumatized when subjected to watching the family dog rip apart another animal. He was also often covered in flea bites. (Our home has animals and we have had fleas in the house, but they never ate the child).

This agency perjured itself to apprehend another child for no other reason than the mighty bucks it receives for doing so. Our grandson was this worker's first kill. A worker that should never be around children.

Source: Esther Buckareff