Social Services

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.


Dufferin Children's Aid:

Dufferin CAS

Dufferin Child and Family Services. Site more promotional than informative.


Bylaws of Dufferin Children's Aid adopted June 2002.


Proposed new bylaws March 2001.


Bylaws before June 2002.


Annual report for year ending March 31.


Door to Dufferin Children's Aid with sign.


New Dufferin Children's Aid headquarters.


Revenue Canada reports from Dufferin Children's Aid for years 2000 through 2003. Use the first link on the left to get a session cookie, then return here and use the second link to get to Dufferin Children's Aid. Go to the bottom for Registered Charity Information Return. The same website can be searched for all other Children's Aid Societies in Ontario.


Family Transition Place, a shelter for battered women. Many women have lost their children while sheltered at FTP.

Ontario Children's Aid:


List of children's aid societies in Ontario.


Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, contains statistics for all of Ontario.


OACAS lobbyist registration.


This is a copy of the service agreement between the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and its two supervising ministries. It was acquired in May 2010 by John Dunn as part of his years of litigation endeavoring to reform the society. The pdf version is what he got, we translated it to html for better indexing.


Child and Family Services Review Board.


Following diclosure in the press of sexual abuse in Quinte foster homes, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services conducted this operational review of the Prince Edward Children's Aid Society. It is also available as a photocopy (pdf). Comments.

(all pdf)

In April 2007 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services announced two publications, Child Protection Standards in Ontario and Ontario Child Protection Tools Manual. That in addition to the mandatory Eligibility Spectrum prescribe the actions of child protectors in Ontario. In case the documents change with fashion, here are local copies of Standards, Tools and Spectrum (all pdf). In the bland language of bureaucracy the tools document contains instructions for forced drugging and shotgun divorce.


Child protection standards, Ministry of Children and Youth Services. John F Dunn: I tried to tell the Ministry once that a CAS was not complying with the Standards and they said we don't enforce them and that they are merely guidelines


Ontario's child advocate has assembled a list of rights for children in care. Children have the right to see a lawyer, but not their mother and father. In case the website changes, here is the same material in pdf form: rights, pamphlet, poster.


Ontario government website of licensed childcare facilities in the province.


Webpage that is the source of the previous standards.

Child Advocate

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (Irwin Elman).


Protocol for Access and Disclosure of Information between the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth.


Salaries of Ontario CAS staff earning over $100 thousand per year.


Jeanette Lewis is a registered lobbyist on behalf of the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies.


Contact information for staff of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.


The Eligibility Spectrum determines whether you are eligible for the service of having your children seized.

Risk Assessment

Regulations governing use of the risk assessment tool. This tool is subjective. According to an insider, when a caseworker wants to keep a case going she fills out a bad assessment. When she wants to get rid of the case, she fills out a good one.

Third Option

(pdf) Blueprint for efforts to eliminate the court process for accused parents. The examples are fictionalized, preventing critics from verifying the data.

Child Deaths

(pdf) First Report of the Pediatric Death Review Committee. This report by a committee of social workers, police and physicians purports to disclose facts about deaths of children in Ontario, but lumps data so that the most important question cannot be answered -- are children safer in foster care? Only two charts relate to deaths of children with open CAS files, but the numbers have no meaning since the number (or proportion) of children with open files is not given. In 1630 deaths, there is not a single named child. In case the OACAS withdraws the report, here is our local copy.


Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth. It contains a list of the treatment homes in Ontario.

Auditor General

Auditor General's report on Community and Social Services. Near the end it gives the reimbursement rates for the various kinds of care. In case it disappears from the web, here is the Auditor General's Report in pdf.


A client of Durham CAS provided this copy of the adhesion agreement parents are required to sign to visit their children.


Foster Parent Manual, York Region CAS.


Foster Care Handbook from Guelph/Wellington CAS. Only the parts relating to payments to foster parents are included.


Caregivers Handbook, from Simcoe CAS (Barrie).


(pdf) Region of Peel Child Abuse Investigation Protocol. Dufferin must be similar, but their protocol is not online. Here are the vague and conflicting standards for judging families. You have to wonder what kind of people work for CAS when you see that one indicator of sexual abuse is "pain in throat, difficulty swallowing".

HP protocol

Protocol between school board, police service and the Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society.


Protocol between Waterloo children's aid and the police. Most is blotted out in the freedom of information request. Anyone with a better copy is invited to forward it to fixcas.


A pdf document giving the procedures used by professionals investigating child protection cases. The protocol is common to 11 categories of agencies in eight eastern Ontario counties. It cites US statistics as justification for its policies. Perhaps we are also justified in using US statistics in refutation.

Among the reasons to suspect sexual abuse are "pain or itching in genital area" and "unwillingness to change clothing for physical education class", things that can, and often do, occur for causes unrelated to sexual abuse. Another is "sophisticated sexual knowledge beyond the normal expectations for the child's age", an area where some parents deliberately educate their children to enable them to ward off abuse.

The following policy concerns confidentiality of informants:

Normally, the Children's Aid Society will withhold the name of the reporting individual. Under the CFSA Part (8), once proclaimed, the individual or family has the right to review their file upon request. In these cases, the CAS will 'white-out' the referral source and other third party information prior to the client reviewing the file. However, the reporter's name cannot be kept confidential where their evidence is required for the police investigation or if the case enters either the criminal or child protection Court process.

This policy results in police taking children from a parent, but refusing to disclose the reason for the action, denying an ancient principle of law that the accused has a right to know the charges against him. It also results in tragedy when a parent assaults a person wrongly suspected of being the snitch.

Appendix XII contains a synopsis of the Eligibility Spectrum.

The original web address was: _docs/general/ finalVersion01.pdf


The use your voice site has content that varies from year to year. The 2008 revelations feature the four foster kids of the apocalypse: sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.


(pdf) Advice from OACAS to teachers caught in a child protection investigation.


(pdf) Manual for CAS board members published by the OACAS in 1975.

Ontario Laws and Regulations:

Ontario law

All Ontario Laws


Child and Family Services Act (760k bytes)


Libel and Slander Act


Family Law Rules


Procedures for obtaining digital audio recordings of court hearings. The hoop jumping is endless, as is the list of restrictions.


Guidelines for Expunction Hearings. This document, obtained through freedom of information, gives the rules for getting your name off the Child Abuse Registry.

[1] [2]

Reported Dufferin court cases


List of Ontario judges


Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee. Ontario judges are appointed by the lieutenant governor on recommendation of the attorney general, who must make his selection from a list supplied by this committee of six legal professionals and seven laymen, all appointed by the attorney general.


Interprovincial Protocol. This shows how children who escape to another province will be repatriated.


Tips for lawyers litigating CAS cases from Legal Aid Ontario.


Three legal research memos from Legal Aid Ontario. These are helpful to anyone litigating on behalf of himself or a client.
  • Crown Wardship and Parental Access
  • Crown Wardship and Inter-Sibling Access
  • Duty of the Children's Aid Society to Assess a Father's Plan of Care


In this decision by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner, Children's Aid Societies are exempt from requirements to disclose information under the Freedom of Information Act. The local CAS was ruled independent, not part of the Ministry. The relevant portions of the decision by Mumtaz Jiwan are in the second half of the document.


Here is another decision, this time on employees of CAS. The Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal decided the CAS staff is employed not by the local CAS, but by the Ministry.


This study document was the justification for the revisions to the Child and Family Services Act enacted in 1999 (link below). The same document is available as a photocopy (pdf). Comments on the study.


The revised Child and Family Services Act, enacted in 1999, weakened most of the defenses against Children's Aid. In the debate all three parties supported the bill. Amendments to better protect Indians were defeated. Janet Ecker, then Minister of Community and Social Services, spoke in favor. Sandra Pupatello, later the Minister of Children and Youth Services, suggested that efforts to take children into foster care were supportive of families. She quoted many social workers, but no parents. To thwart public debate, the entire legislative process was squeezed into this one session, averting a prorogue when an election writ was issued two days later.


Case Information Disclosure Policy. This document, acquired through a freedom of information request, is still in force as of 2012, though it is dated 1985. It governs release of information by Ontario's children's aid socieites. Here is the scanned copy (pdf)


Ontario Coroner list of pending inquests.


Law dictionary.


Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty contains ringing phrases promoting child welfare. The word father does not appear at all, and mother appears just once: "To ensure appropriate pre-natal and post-natal health care for mothers". The word parent appears 36 times, but always subject to the restriction "best interest of the child". "States Parties" (governments) have primary authority over children, delegating some responsibility to parents.

Canada resources:


Provincial/Territorial Protocol On Children and Families Moving Between Provinces and Territories Consolidation as of December 15, 2006. This document provides for cooperation between Canadian provinces to return children from fleeing families to their child protector of origin. In the Orwellian terminology, forceful return of a child is not called extradition but "repatriation service". Forcible return is not available for children taken from one parent by the other, only for children taken from both parents in the name of protection.


Canada Revenue Agency. From this site, find information, including financial statements, of any charity in Canada. For example, Dufferin CAS.


Revenue Canada contributes $286.33 per child month to children in agency care. For Ontario's 18,000 foster children that is $60 million per year supplementary reimbursement (or apprehension incentive).



The Social Work and Social Service Work Act restricts the title social worker to registered persons.

Fixcas has assembled a list of registered social workers collected by advocates across Ontario. The information was obtained in June and July, 2011. Discussion with OCSWSSW.

Possibly as a result of the foregoing controversy the names of registered social workers can now be found online. Here is the search page.


The Sparrow Lake Alliance comprises the elite of the multi-disciplinary child protection industry in Ontario. This ms-word document is important not for its text, but for the membership list. The second link gives the membership only in html.


The Child Welfare League of America is the trade association for the child protection industry. The link is to its Canadian affiliate.


National Data Analysis System, by the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA).


Child Welfare Resource Centre, for Canadian social workers.

Voices for Children

This is the source for some documents supporting the social services system.


Ontario Association of Social Workers.


Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect clinic of the Hospital for Sick Children.


Lobby group.


National Youth in Care Network, purportedly advocates for foster children, actually a group staffed by social work professionals and funded by government, directly or through proxies.

kids help

Booby trap for troubled kids. The directors of this organization are the upper crust of Canadian industry, well insulated from knowledge of activities at the operational level.


The National Judicial Institute (NJI) trains judges to decide cases in conformance to policies kept secret from the public — it claims immunity from freedom of information laws. A sanitized version of its agenda appears on its website.

First Star

This website advocates expansion of the role of lawyers at the expense of parents. The two opening paragraphs on the homepage contain all the social worker buzzwords (in addition to smiling faces): child welfare, abuse and neglect, protection, support, multidisciplinary approach, advocates, benefit. Here is a local copy of A Child's Right to Counsel (12 megabytes, pdf).


Ontario chapter of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Depending on your outlook this is either a professional association to promote the interests of children, or a form of collusion among professionals to destroy families.


Child protectors show great sensitivity to the emotional needs of children when it suits their purposes. But they have no sensitivity when advertising their wards for adoption.


Marketplace for adoptions. Horrified parents have found their own children hawked here.


Index of potential adopters.


Master index of US photo adoption websites.

photo album

Similar list for Canada, requires registration.

Today's child

Featured adoptable child by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.


Eastern Ontario adoption market.


List of licensed adoption agencies in Ontario.



List of donors who contribute to children's aid societies.


List of psychiatric disorders diagnosed in childhood. There are so many that every child can be stigmatized.


Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect, part of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Former home of Dr Dirk Huyer and ally of the now infamous Dr Charles Smith.


Ontario government website to humiliate fathers delinquent in child support. Not many of them look like they have the earning capacity to support two households. Click on [Show All Profiles] at the bottom of the target page.


(flv) Sales pitch for child welfare software.


Discussion board established by ex-CAS worker.


Child Protection Worker Selection Test. Find out if you are qualified to be a baby snatcher. This can be passed by anybody who answers questions assuming authority is always benevolent.


Child Welfare Dynamic Report System (for California). A computer gives you a report on the number of California foster children in various categories. Will the computer read the kids their bedtime story?


Blogger Jay recounts the joy of giving a baby to an adoptive couple, while overlooking the horror of the real parents. We wonder how she would feel if her own baby, expected on September 21, was to be taken away to provide joy for a pair of strangers.


Andrew Vachss, a former social worker, has assembled a large list of web resources supportive of the child protection industry.


When a social worker takes a child from its mother, who needs sympathy and support for the resulting emotional turmoil? Why it's the social worker! Read how they cope with their ordeals, and also get the social worker's side of the coercive tactics used to get mothers to give up their children, in this pdf format report from Wilfred Laurier University.


Ipsos-Reid says 61% of Canadians think Children's Aid does a good job, but 30% don't trust them.


The Department of Justice, Canada, has a description of Trafficking in Persons that applies perfectly to the operation of Children's Aid. In psychiatric jargon this is called projection.