Protection without cause

In 2002 Christine Long had two children, eleven-year-old Adam and 18-month-old Jessica in her care in Hamilton Ontario. In our help file we advise against calling CAS to resolve a problem with a former spouse, but most parents do not find such advice until it is too late. Christine called CAS, and on November 20, 2002 a lady cop visited her home, without giving any assistance. An hour later the cop returned with a CAS worker. Christine called a friend to be a witness, and the cop called for backup. Adam is diabetic, and Christine loaded a syringe with insulin to treat him. On seeing the syringe, a cop slammed Christine against a wall and handcuffed her. CAS took the two kids, and the under the Mental Health Act the police took Christine to a hospital where the doctor made note of injuries from the police treatment and the handcuffs and sent her home two hours later.

Two days later in court, Christine got the papers minutes before the hearing, preventing her from responding. CAS got their application approved, but the judge refused to order a psychiatric evaluation or drug testing. Within two weeks, Christine managed to get Adam released to her ex-husband. CAS kept Jessica for three years, until the date scheduled for trial. At that point they returned Jessica and dismissed their case, making it legal for the family to use their own names and faces in public.

The pictures below show the progresssion from good home to slovenly foster care.

Jessica and Adam
Jessica and Adam the day before CAS took them.
foster care
foster care
Foster care, cluttered
Jessica in care. CAS removes children from natural parents for half as much clutter as shown here.
Foster care
more foster care
Jessica free
Jessica free. The family has relocated to Windsor Ontario.