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Boiled Baby

May 15, 2013 permalink

Boiled baby, posted by Angus Francis
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Source: Facebook, Angus Francis

The picture above is a social worker's idea of an April Fool's joke. It is posted to the Facebook page of Angus Francis.

Mr Francis has appeared in these pages before in a story on Hastings CAS in September 2008.. Enclosed below is another more recent story mentioning Angus Francis, still with Hastings. His compensation in 2012 from Highland Shores CAS was $121,705.47 in pay and benefits.

Brenda Everall posted a video of her attempt to report baby abuse to CAS on YouTube and a local copy (mp4).

What would CAS do if a mother posted a picture like this?



Children's Aid "struggling" to find homes for kids

The Hastings Children's Aid Society is "struggling" to find foster and adoptive homes for children of all ages.

Angus Francis, manager of the society's Child in Care services department, made the statement Saturday at the Family Space-Ontario Early Years Centre on MacDonald Avenue.

His remarks came during a celebration of National Child Day, when local agencies held a free family concert.

It was attended by more than 100 people, most of them children and parents.

Children danced and played while local trio The Fiddleheads performed, but Francis said other children's needs aren't being met.

"We have everyone from infants to teenagers that we're struggling to find homes for," Francis said.

"About 70 kids are still waiting for adoption.

"We had 32 adopted last year. We're on track to adopt 30 this year.

"But the need is constant."

Call the society at 613-962-9291 to learn more about how you can help.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Brenda followed up with a series of phone calls on this incident. Names are taken from voice recordings, there is no way to know the true spelling.

After complaints started to come in, the original photo was removed from the Facebook page of Angus Francis. Attila Vinczer and at least one other person posting copies had them removed by Facebook and further had their accounts suspended for 12 hours. Attila says CAS complained and Facebook informed him it violated their "Community Standards" rules.

To recap, posting for two weeks by Angus Francis was great fun, but posting for a few hours by critics violated community standards. Get it?

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch