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Nancy Schaefer for Congress

March 20, 2008 permalink

Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer ( February 19, March 4 ) gives her side of the demise of her child protection reform legislation, and announces her candidacy for the US congress.



March 18, 2008

Dear Friends,

First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to the Capitol of Georgia to record your painful message. You did a wonderful job and I was so proud of you.

However, a spouse of one of you who came to record, sent letters to the Capitol and to several different people in opposition to the taping and accused his spouse of lying about him and on and on. With that, Capitol Security brought the recording to an end because of the threats in the letters.

I am very sorry this happened. However, this was another indication of how quickly the opposition I had at the Capitol would act to quickly end our opposition to CPS/DFCS policies.

You have heard by now, I am sure, that my bill, SB 415, was gutted and rendered of no value by the Chairman of the Judicial Committee and or others. The three main points were stripped out of the legislation. They were:

  1. The opening of family court to remove the culture of secrecy;
  2. The removal of the financial incentives for adopting children out who are taken wrongly from their parents and given to strangers; and
  3. The removal of immunities from Child Protective Services or DFCS in order to keep corruption down and bring in accountability and responsibility.

I pulled the bill rather than seek to work with an empty, do nothing piece of legislation that the leadership had shown they were not going to support or offer any real involvement.

Please know that the opposition surrounding this bill was fierce, and that it still is, but I am not down and we are not through. We have only just begun, and with God's help, which we already have, this court-sanctioned abuse of children and families will end.

Now, two things;

  • One, we can come together and record again and I will set up the time and place. I really feel that the CD is important and I would like it to be on my website for future needs where it could be used to promote the cause. If you are interested in joining me again to record, please call, Jody at 706-754-8321 and let her know.
  • Second, I am running as a candidate for Congress from the 10th District. If I can be successful, I will carry this work for children and families to Washington with me. I would be grateful for your prayers and support.

Let me hear from you. Do not give up. Stay strong and pray for the victory that will in time be ours.

We love and appreciate you and we pray for you.

Warm regards,

Nancy Schaefer
State Senator, 50th District
Nancy Schaefer for Congress
Phone: 706-754-8321
Fax: 706-754-1803

Source: email from Nancy Schaefer relayed by AFRA