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Tell the Legislature Your Story

April 19, 2013 permalink

Bill 42 has passed second reading and will come up for hearings, not yet scheduled, before the Standing Committee on Government Agencies. Neil Haskett has assembled instructions for persons who wish to participate and tell the committee their personal experience.



Want Your Children’s Aid Story Heard on Record by the Provincial Government?

Want your story heard on record by the Provincial Government?

We’re asking every stakeholder involved with CAS from current and former foster kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, workers, foster parents, lawyers, unions, other groups and organizations to begin preparing formal depositions/ statements of the importance of passing Bill 42, how CAS has affected your life because of the lack of oversight by the Ombudsman and the lack of accountability.

Bill 42 would open all 47 of Ontario’s Private Children’s Aid Societies to independent investigations by the Ontario Ombudsman. Currently, Ontario is the only Province in Canada allowing their private board of directors to oversee themselves for both internal and external complaints. We aim to change this and need your stories and your suggestions to finally open their doors to public scrutiny!

To participate, please let the clerk at Queen’s Park, know you would like to be on the witness list for the Bill 42 and the following information:

  • Your full name, address, contact information (home, work, cell, fax, email);
  • Whether you intend on giving your deposition on behalf of an organization or sharing your personal experience;
  • Presenter(s) name and title;
  • If your prefer to give your deposition live in person, via toll-free phone call or in writing;
  • you must provide them your full contact information and begin preparing your 5 minute speech.

Notice of Hearings Clerk:
Anne Stokes
99 Wellesley Street West
Room 1405, Whitney Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1A2

Tel: (416) 212-5411 (Collect calls are accepted)
Fax: (416) 325-3505
TTY: (416) 325-3538

NOTE: The exact dates of the committee hearings have not yet been announced and no questions are dumb! Please ask us anything big or small so we can all provide the best possible argument for oversight of Children’s Aid Societies and make Ontario’s child protection system by what that all others are judged by!

Source: Ontario Coalition for Accountability