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The Nine Commandments

April 16, 2013 permalink

Durham social worker Biljana Krstanovska has invoked her god-like powers to issue nine commandments to a father separated from his sons by CAS. The conditions for a visit forbid discussing the child's legal circumstances and forbid engaging in lawful activities such as advising a child of his rights or use of recording devices. Here is one social workers do every day, but forbid to real parents: Children should not be pressured into conversations they appear not to want to talk about.



Hello Ken,

The Society has received the birthday gift you sent for Preston and he will be receiving it this week.

As per the previous e-mail message, the Family Access Centre has availability for a visit with Edmund and Preston on Monday April 22, 2013 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. The expectations for visits remain and are outlined below. The visit will be supervised by two Access Facilitators to ensure a positive visit for the boys.

The expectations continue to include that the following topics are not to be discussed and events should not occur involving:

  • Discussions regarding Access visits (dates, next visits, arranging visits)
  • Discussions regarding Child advocate (specifically pressuring Edmund to call or bringing it up)
  • Discussions regarding Court (issues, appearances, proceedings)
  • Negative comments about biological mother, CAS workers or Foster Parents
  • Negative comments towards the children
  • Children should not be pressured into conversations they appear not to want to talk about
  • No recording of the children
  • If any notes given, they are to be given to Access facilitator first (notes are not to include any of the above topics)
  • No electronic gifts and/or age inappropriate gifts to be given to children during visit.

Please confirm if you are able to attend for a visit on the above date and for the time specified.

Thank you,

Biljana Krstanovska
Children’s Services Worker
Durham Children’s Aid Society
Tel: (905) 433-1551 ext. 2459

Source: Facebook, Mr Done Playing

Addendum: Ken Reid has posted an order (jpg image) from an unnamed social worker to an unnamed client. This time it is no communication of "legal issues or evidentiary issues with the children, criticism, or denigrating any care giver or person or authority to the children or comment on any discipline of the children to them, or the visit may be terminated".

Source: brainsyntax

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