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Terrorist Attack

April 27, 2013 permalink

When Texas CPS harassed the family of Shayne O Davis he expressed his frustration by telling them he "would come down there and kick all y'alls asses". Laws intended to protect against airline hijackings have been used to jail Mr Davis for terrorism.



Leander man charged for threatening to assault CPS worker

Shayne O Davis
Shayne O. Davis

LEANDER — A Leander man was jailed earlier this month after admitting that he threatened to go down to the child protective services office and "whoop all (their expletives)."

Shayne O. Davis was charged with terroristic threat.

According to the felony complaint, a CPS investigator called Davis in reference to an ongoing investigation involving family members. During the conversation, Davis "became agitated and began yelling" at the investigator.

Davis then reportedly said that "the only thing CPS would cause, would be for him to go to jail, 'because he would come down there and kick all y'alls (expletive)." Davis also said that he did not want to be contacted by CPS ever again and then he hung up the phone, according to the complaint.

The CPS worker told officers that, based on prior knowledge of Davis' violent history, she believed he was capable of and intended to follow through with this threat, and that she was in fear for her own safety, as well as the safety of her coworkers.

In a telephone conversation with detectives, Davis reportedly admitted that he did threaten the CPS worker, but that he just wanted CPS to leave him alone.

Source: Hill Country News, Cedar Park, Texas.