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Peterborough Runaway

July 11, 2012 permalink

Damon Scott, age 15, has run away from CAS. Mother Melissa Howard is understandably distressed.

Calling the OPP with Damon's location will likely result in his forcible return to CAS. In case Damon, or a person with knowledge of his whereabouts, comes across this note, there is a less disruptive alternative. Notify the mother directly, or if you are afraid the communication may be traced, notify Canada Court Watch or even fixcas. Either one can convey your message to the family. You can reach Canada Court Watch by web form or phone, mail or email or Facebook. Contact info for fixcas in on the homepage. Chad Wells, a Canada Court Watch member in Peterborough, has offered to help Damon. Chad can be reached by phone at 705-243-1612.



15-year-old runaway last seen Thursday

Melissa Howard and Damon Scott

The mother of a 15-year-old runaway from Peterborough is asking for the public’s help in locating her missing son who was last seen in the city Thursday.

Melissa Howard said her son Damon Scott ran away from home about two months ago. He was staying with another family in Peterborough County temporarily until the Children’s Aid Society deemed Thursday that the living environment was inappropriate, Howard said.

“That was the last time anyone has seen him,” Howard said.

Peterborough County OPP Sgt. Rob Flindall said police are helping the family locate the missing teen, but said it’s often hard to find a teenager who doesn’t want to be found.

“We actively pursue and investigate any runaway until we are physically able to locate them and return them to their family,” Flindall said.

Scott is believed to be in the Peterborough/Lakefield area or the Hastings/Norwood area, his mother said. He is six-feet tall and about 180 pounds with shaved, brown hair.

“We feel hopeless. Safety is my first concern. We want to make sure he’s safe and he’s OK and we just want him to come home to his family who loves him and cares about him,” Howard said.

Anyone with information about Scott’s whereabouts is asked to call Peterborough County OPP at 705-742-0401.

Source: Peterborough Examiner