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Teen Removal

June 26, 2012 permalink

Vernon Beck Photo of a teen being taken away by force by two Ontario Provincial Police officers. The teen was taken with no warrant and not by apprehension. The boy was sleeping in his bed peacefully when police barged into his room and bullied and used brute force to take the teen away. After a call from Canada Court Watch to police, the boy was released from the unlawfully custody of police.

This is an example of abuse of police force against young Canadians. The Police officers said that they had to take the boy back to the station because of the the CAS. Its no wonder young Canadians no longer trust the police.

OPP takes teen without justification

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

From another Facebook thread, here are earlier comments by Vernon Beck:



Vernon Beck Canada Court Watch has received statements and video taken of Ontario Provincial Police Officers breaking the law by unlawfully arresting a young boy and dragging him out of his home in handcuffs. The police officer admitted to a Canada Court Watch investigator that the boy had not been arrested. CAS was involved of course CAS workers likely gave OPP officers misinformation and like fools the OPP officers acted on the words of the CAS. All caught on video. Going to be interesting with police officers breaking the law and violating the Police Services Act. CCW caught OPP officers breaking the law in Gravenhurst last year as well including theft of documents from an individual in front of the courthouse. All recorded of course.

Its about time for the OPP to properly train its officers about their obligations when dealing with the CAS. CAS workers have absolutely NO authority to tell officers to apprehend any child without a valid warrant from a judge. Police take the heat while unregistered CAS workers unlawfully practicing social order police to "jump" and the police ask the CAS workers, "how high". The OPP are making fools of themselves by listening to these unregistered and unregulated CAS lawbreakers.

Vernon Beck Testimony will be made public. The kid is a real fighter. Told the police officers right to their faces that they had no authority to take him without a warrant. Police thought they could because some unregistered CAS worker told police they could. Police are now going to regret listening to the CAS lawbreakers and troublemakers. I'll bet next time the officers are going to be smarter and ask the CAS worker for a copy of a warrant first before being embarrassed by the CAS.

Vernon Beck We do not want OPP to turn with a vengeance on anyone. We just want the OPP and the CAS to to their jobs within the laws of Canada and to respect the rights of people under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Vernon Beck We just viewed the video of the unlawful police activities by the Ontario Provincial Police. Clearly show two officers dragging a teen over the age of 14 out to police cruiser with his hands handcuffed behind his back. This is not supposed to be going on in Canada. The video when it is released soon will shock the residents of those communities who are served by the OPP.

Vernon Beck There was no apprehension john and the teen was not under arrest. CCW called the police shortly after the wrongful arrest and the teen was released almost immediatly.

Vernon Beck The police officers suddenly realized they screwed up.

Vernon Beck In addition John, the OPP officers pulled the teen out of his bed and handcuffed him right in his bedroom. He was safe and in no danger whatsoever. Cops foolishly followed the instructions of an unregistered CAS worker who was only abusing her power to punish the teen for not doing what she wanted.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch