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Hospital Rally

June 1, 2012 permalink

There will be an emergency rally Monday in Chatham, starting at 9am at the courthouse and going to the Chatham-Kent hospital by 10am. The cause is excessive baby-snatching at the hospital.



EMERGENCY RALLY****** This monday 9am...till 10 am at the court house...walking to the CK Hospital. New mothers and babies use to be welcomed by the WELCOME WAGON, lately they are torn appart by the CA$ abduction service. WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Source: Facebook

Lee Bolton Anyone that's available Monday morning for an hour or 2 please please inbox me, Darlene or Trish. We need as many bodies and sign holders as possible at the court house at 9 am until 10 then at the Chatham hospital from 10 until 11 or so. Too many babies apprehended from Chatham in the last 2-4 weeks.

Lee Bolton Another newborn this week. Meeting with the family tomorrow.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

Chatham Ontario courthouse

Assemble at the courthouse, then proceed to the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 800 meters northeast on Grand Avenue.


The Chatham Rally was held June 06, 2012 to bring Oversight & Accountability of the Children's Aid Society and the Ontario Court System. And also to raise awareness of Ontario being the only province in Canada that does not allow oversight of Children's Aid Societies, Hospitals, Long-term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, School Boards, Universities and Police by the Ombudsman.

Source: YouTube

Our local copy of the video (mp4). The rally proceeded from the CAS office to the courthouse.