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Girl Protected with Taser

February 25, 2012 permalink

A Pennsylvania girl who did not want to go to foster care was forcibly subdued with a taser. She now has nine criminal charges pending against her. How does a taser burn and a string of criminal charges protect a girl?



Girl charged with assaulting policemen, CYS caseworker

Uniontown police said a girl assaulted two police officers and a Fayette County Children and Youth Services agent on Wednesday.

Police had to use a Taser gun on the girl before bringing her into custody.

The juvenile was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, causing bodily injury to a police officer, three counts of simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief damage to property.

According to police, CYS caseworker Robert Madison took the juvenile to her home on Morgantown Street to pick up some of her belongings because the girl was to be placed in foster care.

Madison waited outside the house for a few minutes for the girl to return, but eventually went inside to tell her to hurry getting her things, police said.

While Madison was inside, he heard the girl say to her uncle that she was not going with CYS to be placed in foster care.

Police said Madison told the juvenile that she had no choice but to go into foster care because of a court order.

The girl again refused, so Madison called 911 for assistance.

Police said the girl left the house and began walking across Morgantown Street. Chipps tried to stop her, but she shouted at him and pushed him away. Madison and her uncle followed her through an alley. The girl then threatened to punch Madison in the face if he tried to stop her, police said.

City police officers Jeremy Schult and Chuck David approached the juvenile from two different directions in separate police cars. When the girl ran into a parking lot along Morgantown Street, Schult approached her on foot, police said.

Madison, Schult and the girl’s uncle tried to calm the girl down , but she tried running away again. Schult caught her and grabbed her by the arm. The girl then turned around and punched Schult in the face with a closed fist, police said.

The police officers then took the girl to the ground and restrained her, with Madison’s help. The girl continued to resist and kicked Madison in the thigh twice.

Police said when the girl was placed in the back of a police cruiser, she kicked out a rear window.

David got glass in his eyes and his upper lip was cut. Flying glass also cut Madison’s hand, police said.

When David opened the rear door, the girl tried to kick him. David then shot her in the chest with a Taser gun, police said.

The girl was taken to Uniontown Hospital for evaluation and treatment. David also was treated at the hospital .

Police said the girl caused $500 in damage to the police cruiser.

Source: Herald-Standard