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Mother Saved

November 23, 2011 permalink

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Pat Niagara

Homeless, Cold and Scared Niagara Mom goes home

We got word today, Lisa the lady on the video "Homeless, Cold and Scared" gets to go back home, CAS contacted her today and is now allowing her to go back home and live in the basement apartment and by the end of the week should be in the full home.

*We know CAS is on the pages and watching the videos. We believe that the video made with Lisa in her van may have opened the eyes of CAS Niagara. CAS stepped up and did the right thing today by allowing Lisa back home.

Source: Facebook

This is the mother in the story Freeze Mom. In later postings Pat confirms that the mother now has unrestricted use of her own home. It is likely that the public embarrassment of the web postings induced CAS to change their treatment of this family.