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Freeze Mom

November 20, 2011 permalink

mother freezing

FACS Niagara has found a new way to get custody of a child — let mom freeze to death. The case involves a mother, a stepfather and fourteen-year-old daughter who are on good terms, communicating daily by phone. Pat Niagara interviewed her on video, YouTube or local copy (mp4).

While the mother was undergoing surgery in a Hamilton hospital CAS lawyers were in a St Catharines courtroom on October 31 getting an order against her by default. Her daughter was allowed to return home to her stepfather, but the mother was ordered out. The mother does not wish to risk returning her daughter to a group home, so is complying with the order. For this low-income family that means sleeping in her van. CAS has refused to help by providing shelter for the mother. Doctors advised the mother to stay indoors for eight weeks of recuperation, since exposure to infections could be serious in her weakened condition. Temperatures at this season in the Niagara region are within a few degrees either way of freezing.

This is a shotgun divorce that could soon turn into a shotgun funeral.