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Orange County CPS Sued

April 24, 2015 permalink

A lawsuit has been filed against child protective services in Orange County California. Expand for the press release. Here is a copy of the complaint: Randall vs Hammond (pdf).

The suit is on behalf of BR and 5000 unnamed plaintiffs in the same circumstances. If lawyer Shawn A McMillan cashes in they way he did for Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick, damages could reach $48 billion, enough to get the state of California to change policy.



Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Orange County (CA) Child Protective Services Alleges Unwarranted Seizure of Thousands of Children

Today, the Law Office of Shawn A. McMillan has filed a class action lawsuit against Orange County Child Protective Services alleging that the agency has seized more than 5,000 children without obtaining warrants as required under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Shawn A McMillan and Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick

Attorney Shawn A. McMillan, of the Law Office of Shawn A. McMillan, filed a Federal Lawsuit in the Central District of California, Southern Division on April 20, 2015 (case number 8:15-cv-00626). The lawsuit alleges that the Orange County Child Protective Services Agency took a young boy from his mother’s home in the middle of the night without any justification, and without first obtaining a warrant. The Class Action complaint also alleges that as a matter of practice the agency frequently removes children from the custody of their parents without first obtaining a warrant where no emergency exists, and has done so for at least five years.

Lead plaintiff B.R. sued Orange County and Social Worker Myeshia Hammond, and all similarly situated county social workers, in his April 20, 2016 lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that B.R. is one of thousands of children wrongfully taken from their parents by county social workers.

B.R. seeks class certification, an injunction and compensatory, statutory and punitive damages for civil rights violations.

Shawn A. McMillan
The Law Office of Shawn A. McMillan, APC
4955 Via Lapiz
San Diego, CA 92122

Source: PRWeb