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Baby Neglected by CAS

April 18, 2015 permalink

Jenn Feero reports on the care of her newborn while in CAS care. Alberta social workers rebuffed similar complaints by Jamie Sullivan. Her baby was dead four days later.



Jenn Feero

UNBELIEVABLE C.A.S what a joke they are! NEW Born baby Neglected!

I Had a visit with my little man Ryder today and got the shock of a life time! Went to change his little bum and I opened his diaper up to a mess of poop, blood and a very red little bottom. He has such a bad bum rash it's beet red and blistered and bleeding! He had a minor rash two weeks ago and no one has taken care if it now it has gotten so bad it bleeds and my baby boy screams in pain!

Some lazy cunt is being paid to care for my son so why the fuck is he in the shape he is in he certainly wouldn't look like that if I had him. The foster mom sends no bum cream and doesn't mention any rash nothing! He spent the hour of visiting time crying in pain if you hold him under his bum he cries because it hurts so bad. Like WTF is she doing with my son obviously nothing!!!

Not to mention his cheeks are all broke out and red and his skin is all dried out. They aren't taking good care if him at all. Every time I see him he has new rash or break. There is always something wrong with him and no one seems to notice or no one seems to give a fuck at least!!

If CAS showed up at my place to check on my son and he was in that shape they would rip him out of my home so fucking fast, but because they placed him there he is safe and it's ok because they know it all and they do everything right

I brought it to worker's attention she didn't seem to think it was a big deal! Hello lady are you friggin blind? Look at my kid. He is not being taken care of properly. A monkey could do it better

Don't listen to anything I say though. I'm just the stupid parent that didn't have her kids. What do I know? I can't tell them nothing. They are CAS, the child care professionals, they know it all and they say he's fine and safe so he is fine and safe!!! Yeah what a fucking joke!!! Give me my kid back so he can be taken care of properly. It's not that hard. Some bum cream and a bum change every hour or so, some baby lotion for his delicate skin and some love, care and attention how hard is that? Like you're really that lazy you can't take the time out of your busy day to care for a helpless little baby. CAS is USELESS.

Source: Facebook, Jenn Feero