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Mother Tortured

February 17, 2015 permalink

A recalcitrant mother was subdued by Michigan police with a taser used in drive stun mode. In drive stunning the taser is held against the body of a victim already restrained for the purpose of inflicting pain.



Police use stun gun on mother at McDonald's

ESSEXVILLE, MI (WNEM) - A woman remains behind bars after being arrested during an alleged assault at an area McDonald's restaurant on Thursday.

The woman was having a meeting with a Child Protective Services worker at the restaurant on Center Avenue in Essexville around 5 p.m. when she became upset. The woman then took her children into a bathroom and wouldn't come out.

The woman then came out of the bathroom and allegedly assaulted the worker.

The woman began a struggle with officers and allegedly tried to bite one of them before making an attempt to grab the officer's stun gun.

An officer deployed a stun gun but that did little to subdue the woman. Officers then executed a method called "drive stunning", which intends to cause pain without incapacitating the target.

The children were taken back into their temporary care. The mother is currently jailed.

No one was injured.

Source: WNEM Saginaw