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Baby Unharmed by Car Thief

December 11, 2014 permalink

There have been countless stories of mothers arrested for running into a store while leaving a child in the car. Sometimes child protectors, fearing danger in everyday acts, step in and take the baby. Yesterday there was a real crime.

A mother, unnamed by police but driving a car with Quebec license plates, filled up at a Mississauga gas bar and went in to pay, leaving her nine-month-old baby in a car seat. A thief stole the car. As soon as the thief realized he had taken a baby, he parked it across the street from the gas bar and fled. A building superintendent matched a car described on television with one in his parking lot and alerted police. The baby was recovered within an hour screaming, but unharmed.

So even in the rare case where a real criminal shows up while mom is running into a store, no harm comes to the child.



Baby boy found safe after car stolen from Mississauga gas station

TORONTO – A nine-month-old baby boy has been found safe after a car he was in was reported stolen from a Mississauga area gas station Wednesday morning.

Police say the owner of the vehicle had gone inside a Shell gas station located in the Malton neighbourhood at Rexwood and Derry Road around 9 a.m. when the car was stolen.

The vehicle, a grey Honda CRV, was seen traveling westbound on Derry Road.

But the car was found abandoned in an apartment complex a short distance away with the baby inside shortly before 10 a.m.

Derek Dorio, the superintendent of the building where the baby was found, called 911 to tell police. He said he saw the description of the van on television and noticed a similar van outside of the building.

“The van was out back of my building, so I ran out back, I opened the door and the baby was there. I called 911,” he said. “I was shocked. The baby was screaming, his car seat was almost tilted, he was lying on his side. He was screaming his head. The stereo was blaring.”

He said the car was only there approximately 40 minutes and didn’t see the suspect run away from the car. He noticed the car, he said, because it was parked in an odd place.

Police say the infant is in good health.

There’s no word yet on any suspects.

Source: Global News