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Tires Slashed

December 17, 2014 permalink

Someone slashed the tires of 36 state vehicles parked at the Child Protection and Permanency office in Atlantic City New Jersey. Showing how clueless child protection workers are, Debbie McGowan and Tomaro Pilgrim are wondering why someone would slash the tires.



36 state vehicles have tires slashed in Atlantic City


"It's messed up, it's just a waste of time really."

Like many others, Debbie McGowan and Tomaro Pilgrim are wondering why someone would slash the tires of 36 state vehicles as they sat behind the Child Protection and Permanency office on Atlantic Avenue.

"I just think people need to find better things to do with their time, focus it in a more positive direction. So many people need help, there's so many other things they could do besides slitting tires," said McGowan.

"I'm not justifying it at all but some people may feel like they don't have options and that's what they do," said Pilgrim.

Police say the slashed tires were discovered Sunday morning. 36 of the 37 state vehicles parked in the lot were damaged, with a total of 74 tires slashed.

"So what we're doing now is the investigators went down there trying to do some interviews, see if there's any surveillance coverage in the area, and that's where we're at right now. At this point we don't have any suspect information to release but the case is on- going," said Sgt. Monica McMenamin with the Atlantic City Police Department.

Police say no threats were made against Child Protection and Permanency, but they will be looking into why someone would only target state vehicles.

"I'm sure it does make it difficult for anybody that doesn't have the vehicle to use for daily use at their disposal so certainly we'd like to get a response to this as soon as possible," said Sgt. McMenamin.

Until these questions are answered, people will be left to wonder who would target an organization whose goal is to protect children.

"A lot of anger and frustration and people make the wrong choices, not knowing how to handle things or trying to handle things and not getting the result they want," said McGowan.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department by calling 609-347-5780

Source: WMGM

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