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OACAS Lobby Reports

September 30, 2014 permalink

The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS) is a lobbying organization and as such is subject the the laws regulating lobbying. FOI researcher Chris Carter has obtained twelve pages of reports on the OACAS (pdf). There is a seven page report prepared by the OACAS itself and a five page report from the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.

Here are the OACAS plans for its $8,719,817 of government funding for the current year (2014):

  • Will monitor legislative agenda for relevant proposals related to child welfare.
  • Will participate in five-year review of Child and Family Services Act.
  • Bill 88, Child and Family Services Amendment Act (Children 16 Years of Age and Older), 2013
  • Bill 42, Ombudsman Amendment Act (Children's Aid Society), 2013 which would extend Ombudsman oversight to CASs.
  • Bill 53, Children and Youth in Care Day Act, 2013 which would establish May 14 as Children and Youth in Care Day.
  • Regulatory exemption tor child protection professionals with respect to Psychotherapy Act
  • Educational supports for children and youth,
  • financial and emotional supports for youth,
  • Continued Care and Supports tor Youth(CCSY),
  • child protection standards,
  • adoption supports,
  • Child welfare agenda,
  • Work of the Commission on Sustainable Child Welfare and various initiatives which may result from their recommendations to government including:
    • amalgamation of Children's Aid Societies (CAS),
    • administrative streamlining,
    • funding model for CASs,
    • accountability relationship between CAS Boards and government,
    • performance tracking and reporting,
    • shared services models,
    • changes to foster care and general CAS mandate.
  • Family Law administration rules;
  • Aboriginal child welfare and Customary Care,
  • regulation of psychotherapists and impact on child welfare workers,
  • program development related to educational opportunities for crown wards,
  • shared services for CASs.
  • Funding for training of front-line child protection workers and supervisors.
  • Funds for tracking child outcomes.
  • Subsidies for youth to attend conference for youth in state care.
  • Liaison role related to new Child Protection Information Network (CPIN).
  • Funds to support regional adoption events to be hosted by local CASs.
  • Adoption Resource Exchange events,
  • YouthCAN conference grant,
  • Accountability and Data Tracking,
  • Education Services for CAS workers and supervisors.
  • Start-up funds for shared services (in approval phase).

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch