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Mom Doesn't Need to Know about Daughter's Cancer

August 28, 2014 permalink

Mariah Mikayla Brazell is the mother of two toddler children, Skylar Lacey Faith and Jasper, who have been in custody of Georgia DCFS for two years. When DCFS has given the family things to do to enable return of the children, all chores have been completed. But instead of reuniting the family, DCFS has added more hoops to jump. When Mariah started to notice bruising on Skylar, but not on Jasper, she spent three months requesting medical attention for the girl. When that finally happened earlier this month, caseworker Ashley Parker called to say that Skylar had cancer, then hung up without allowing questions. Social workers routinely boss mom with rude language. When the first family lawyer was ineffective, he was fired and replaced by another, who refuses to return phone calls.

The full story is on a Facebook video or a local copy (mp4). The mother's Facebook page is Mj Alyeeha Brazell. Mariah's father died when she was 17 years old, leaving her as a single mom with two children. Mariah's mother naively thought DCFS was a charity and got them involved in the care of her grandchildren. Mariah is now the wife of Jesse James Brazell.