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Little Brother Stymied

February 5, 2014 permalink

What does Big Brother fear? Little brother watching back.

The Portage View Public School in Barrie Ontario has established a restrictive policy for use of personal devices by students. Taking pictures of staff is forbidden, along with any pictures in the hallways or of other students. Personal devices cannot even be taken to the washrooms (What is in the washrooms in Barrie?).



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Peter McKenna
Vice Principal
Alexa Barrie


The use of personal hand held devices in our society is becoming more prevalent and a part of everyday life. At Portage View, we would like to take the opportunity to teach students social etiquette in the use of their personal devices that also aligns with school rules. As a result, we have collaboratively created a policy in conjunction with students, teachers, and administration to outline acceptable use at our school.

  1. Students may use their personal devices in the classroom as a learning/teaching tool, at their teacher’s discretion and with permission (e.g. calculator). Devices should be in a pocket or left face down on desk when not in use. NEVER IN STUDENT DESK
  2. When students need to use the washroom the device must be left in the classroom (e.g. teacher’s desk).
  3. Students must have teacher permission to text during class time and only for emergency purposes (need to get a hold of a parent)
  4. Students may use their personal devices during nutrition break for texting, games and music (one earphone out for safety purposes).
  5. Students may use their personal devices outside at recess to listen to music if they have one earphone left out (for safety purposes). No large headphones are permitted.
  6. The hallway is a device free zone.
  7. Use of the device at school must be transparent.
  8. Personal devices are NOT to be used to take recordings (picture, video or audio) of students and staff.
  9. The only way to ensure devices are not stolen, damaged or lost is to leave them at home. The school is not responsible for theft or damages.
  10. Students must have parental/guardian permission to use their device at school.
  11. If a student uses their device inappropriately, the following consequences will apply.
    • Follow Progressive Discipline plan at PVPS - Think Sheets
    • In conjunction with the Code of Conduct and decision by administrator and teacher, a student may lose the privilege of using their hand held device at school if students are unable to follow the policy

The original document includes space for the student signature and date.

Source: photocopy