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Texas CPS Orders Divorce

February 7, 2014 permalink

Texas CPS told Shmarian Jackson to divorce her husband Raquel Jackson if she wants to get her children back. Intervention started over a domestic violence incident in which charges were dropped. CPS claims they never counsel divorce, but the fixcas index has dozens of cases under shotgun divorce.



Couple say CPS told them to get divorce if they want kids back


"Dad and Mom is the world to them when they see dad they're like where's mom when they see me they're like where is dad," said Shmarian Jackson said.

Jackson can't help but tear up when she thinks about the last 8 months without her three little girls living at home.

"I don't really like to talk about it hurts," Jackson said while fighting back tears.

The Jackson's admit the fight that brought CPS to their Montgomery home last summer was a bad one.

"She was holding a knife in her hand and I tried to take it away from her," said Raquel Jackson.

Raquel Jackson says he got accidentally stabbed and his wife Shmarian got a domestic violence charge that was later dismissed.

The couple says they've both done everything CPS has asked them to do, parenting classes therapy.

But they say CPS is asking them to do something they don't want to do.

"In order for me to get them back I have to basically get a divorce," Shmarian Jackson said a CPS supervisor told her.

A CPS spokesperson denies that telling Fox 26 the state agency would never tell a parent they had to divorce in order to have their children returned to them.

But the heartbroken mother is adamant that's what the CPS supervisor told her and she says her attorney also heard the supervisors unusual demand.

Source: KRIV FOX 26