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Opening of the Courts

October 12, 2013 permalink

A rally group gathered in Toronto to draw attention to the failings of family court during the opening of the courts. Vern Beck's report is enclosed.



Vernon Beck Some photos from the Opening of the Courts Rally in downtown Toronto. It was a good day for those who participated.

Some participants came as far a way as Sault Ste Marie, Sarnia and Brantford to attend. One 80+year-old grandmother asked for a Canada Court Watch T shirt and holding signs up had no problem in engaging people on the street in conversation about how the family court system had made it impossible for her to see her grandchildren in spite of her teenage grandchildren wanting so desperately to see her.

During the day I got to speak to a number of police officers, lawyers and persons off the street who were more than willing to speak about their personal opinions about the family court system. There is no doubt that there is a growing public mistrust of the family court and child protection system, not only by members of the public but by professionals working in the system as well. I had one Bay St. Lawyer allege that coverup and incompetence exist within the court system and child protection system in Toronto. He is willing to be interviewed and to go public with his experience. Some lawyers are beginning to stand up and are willing to speak out because they understand that without true justice in Canada, democracy in Canada will be doomed.

A few law students came over and spoke to some of the protestors and were shocked to hear about some of the experiences of those who had their families destroyed by the adversarial family court system. The young law students were eager to learn more. Public protests are an important tool which help bring public awareness to problems affecting Canadians.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

Photos: [1] [2] [3]

Source: Facebook, Vern Beck