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Get Out of Court

May 12, 2013 permalink

Vern Beck reports on Facebook that teenagers were excluded from a courtroom in a family case involving their sibling.



Vernon Beck

In a court hearing recently, the CAS lawyer asked that informed teens and family members be removed from the court. The informed teens had come to the court in support of their parents and their younger sibling who was needlessly in care of the CAS. The teens wanted to be in court and were fed up with the way in which the CAS and its reckless and unregistered workers had been treating their family and their younger sibling for the past several months.

The Child and Family Services Act states that children above 12 have the right to attend and to be informed of court matters affecting them, yet in this case the CAS and the judge wanted to maintain secrecy in the court. All the teens in this case were above 14 with one being above 18 years of age. The CAS lawyer and the judge simply did not want any witnesses, especially young Canadians to see what was going on behind the courtroom doors. The teens were made to get out of the court. The judge made some really stupid remark that parents should not allow their teens to drink under age, so why would they allow them to come to a courtroom and expose them to such "emotional" harm.

The teens were very angry at being excluded and lost their respect for the judge and the family court process. In their words, "the family court sucks" These teens saw right through the CAS lawyer and the judge who are supposed to be so "learned". The teens figured out immediately what was the judge and the CAS lawyer were up to. The teens clearly where much smarter than the judge himself and called the judge an "idiot" outside of the court.

Teens today are eager to learn and eager to see for themselves who these legal professionals are who are destroying their parents in family court. Yet, the judges and lawyers want to keep these young Canadians m in the dark and then try to compare it to underage drinking.

Unfortunately, these family court judges themselves are speeding up the very destruction of Canada's Justice system and putting the Canadian family justice system into disrepute. Young Canadians are now learning how corrupt some of the family courts are as well as these CAS lawyers who will do anything to profit the agency that employs them in the name of justice. It's is no wonder why even members of the Supreme Court of Canada are saying that family court system is in the crisis it is today.

Canada Court Watch will be making a submission to the Supreme Court of Canada and to all Chief Justices of each province in Canada as well as to all MPP's on the issue of judges keeping young Canadians out of their own family court proceedings to maintain secrecy. Its time for our family courts to be more open and accountable to the families they serve. It's time for families to be involved in the justice process, not excluded and told they are stupid.

Anyone who has had the experience with judges keeping family informed members out of court using threats and intimidation and are willing to speak out about it then please contact Canada Court Watch.

JJ Wright My lawyers threaten to quit if I brought in any of my children

Patricia Anne Turner judge said in my case kids were not to be even told what happened in court or about what was going on in proceedings, and CAS never served my children over 12 yrs of age with court documents. My kids asked to go to court and CAS wouldn't take them and tried everything to keep them quiet (I have a very vocal daughter and as soon as an OCL was appointed she said what she wanted and OCL was good in my case

Alexandra Stuart CAS had made it very clear in a supervision order that my 2 year old could not even be in a courthouse.

Destiny Davidson my daughter was asked to leave the courtroom at the age of 15 the worker at the home wroteher a note for school so she could attend. the cas asked the judge to remove her from the court room, she. was asked to leave. later the worker i hadcancelled my visit that day and rote in an affidavit, it was cancelled because i had seen her at court.

Robert T McQuaid When siblings A, B and C are in foster care and A dies, child protectors assert the right to keep the name of A secret. It might identify B and C as foster children. But when A goes to family court, they assert that siblings B and C are not involved and should be excluded from the process. What we have is an agency that uses conflicting arguments, whichever one suits their purposes at the moment.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

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