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Unfit for Social Work

May 21, 2013 permalink

Vern Beck comments on a social worker habit in preparing court affidavits: rambling on for dozens of pages saying nasty things about a family without including any facts. He lost patience when Durham social worker Sarah Place reached 150 paragraphs of factless denigration.



Vernon Beck

A day in the life on an advocate:

I am in the process of conducting a forensic analysis of an affidavit submitted by a Durham CAS worker (unregistered), Ms. Sarah Place. Her affidavit contains over 150 paragraphs. Thousands of tax dollars were likely spent to prepare and present her affidavit. In the entire affidavit there is not one shred of evidence useful information to the court which is relevant to the child who is the subject of the child protection hearing. In my opinion, based on a 20 hour paragraph by paragraph analysis, her affidavit is frivolous full of hearsay, double hearsay, innuendo, suggestive comments, etc. only to mention a few of the issues I have uncovered in her flawed handling of this case.

In my opinion, my report will provide reasonable evidence show that Ms. Sarah Place should not be engaged in the practice of social work and that the quality of her affidavit material which was supposed to be checked over by lawyers with the Durham CAS is very poor. We are closing in on CAS workers who have been getting away with abusing children and families for too long. Its time for these CAS agencies to get their act together and start doing their jobs in a competent and professional manner.

Anyone who has had issues with Ms. Sarah Place should contact Canada Court Watch at

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch