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Dog Bites Social Worker

May 30, 2013 permalink

A Pennsylvania social worker visited a family to provide services. His client's dog correctly assessed his intentions and attacked the worker.



CYS caseworker attacked by dog

FARRELL — A pitbull-terrier chased a county Children and Youth Services worker Tuesday in Farrell and tried to take a chunk out of his neck, police said.

A male CYS worker was bitten at 4:47 p.m. in the right side of his neck by the dog and taken to Sharon Regional Health System with “severe injuries,” according to Southwest Mercer County Regional police.

A CYS spokeswoman said the man went to the home at 1150 Beechwood Ave., Farrell on an undisclosed matter.

When he knocked on the door, the homeowner asked him to wait while she locked up the dog, police said.

Before she could contain the dog, the door was opened by either the CYS worker or the homeowner, police said.

“He said she opened it, she said he opened it,” Riley Smoot, police chief, said. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The five-year-old female dog chased the CYS worker to the sidewalk, where she jumped on him and bit him.

The homeowner said the dog has been getting her yearly shots at the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital.

The CYS office said their worker was treated at the hospital and released. He was back at work today.

Smoot said police are working of the Shenango Valley Animal Shelter, Hermitage, to determine what charges will be filed.

“Someone is going to get charged with something,” Smoot said.

Source: Sharon Herald