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Helicopter Failure

January 18, 2013 permalink

Shortly after welcoming the New Year, a Napanee Ontario man left a three-year-old boy locked in his room while visiting another apartment in the same building. Unless there is more to the incident than was reported in the press, it does not sound like a case worthy of intervention. Three year olds left to roam on their own can get in a lot of trouble playing with doors, windows, power supplies and such. Much safer to leave them secured while sleeping. And dad was not out of reach.

But today's culture demands helicopter parents, hovering over their children at every moment. In the reported incident, neighbors heard the boy crying at 2 am and called the police. The man has been charged and children's aid has taken the boy.



3-year-old found home alone, locked in room

Eastern Ontario man, 48, charged with forcible confinement

A 48-year-old man from Napanee, Ont., has been charged after police claim he left a three-year-old boy alone in an apartment.

Police say an ongoing investigation found the man left the boy alone just before 2 a.m. on New Year's Day and nearby residents could hear the child yelling and crying.

Ontario Provincial Police officers went to the home and found the child locked in a bedroom. Nobody else was found in the apartment.

Police said they found a belt was used to keep the door closed. The boy was not injured but police turned him over to child protection workers.

The caregiver had been visiting someone in another apartment within the same building, police later learned.

He was released with a scheduled court date in Napanee on Feb. 19.

Source: CBC