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Amber Alert

January 9, 2013 permalink

A kidnapper known only as Miguel knew how to pick up two-year-old Leah Marie Aguirre. He said he was a caseworker with child protective services. An alternative theory is that Leah's mother used the caseworker story to account for the loss of her toddler after her sale.



UPDATE: Amber Alert Issued for 2-Year-Old Girl Out of Crosbyton

Leah Marie Aguirre

An Amber Alert has been issued for an infant abducted from a home in Crosbyton.

The little girl's name is LEAH MARIE AGUIRRE, and just turned two years old on January 6th. She is Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen with a man identified only as MIGUEL. And the two were last seen in a RED FORD FOCUS, or similar make and model with dark, tinted window.

The little girl has been missing since January 3rd. She was staying with a caregiver in Crosbyton when police say 'Miguel' entered the home claiming to be a case worker from Child Protective Services. He then removed the child from the home. CPS Public Information Officer Paul Zimmerman confirms that this man, Miguel was not a CPS employee.

Crosby County Sheriff's deputies confirm they are investigating whether or not the child's mother, 22-year-old Tina Aguierre-Gonzalez had been trying to sell the baby to someone in Mexico.

Slaton Police brought in Aguierre-Gonzalez to question her Tuesday night. They say she is not being arrested at this time and that questioning family members is just standard procedure.

If you have any information, call Crosbyton Police at 675-7302.


Addendum: The body of a dead toddler has been found in the home of Leah Marie Aguirre's caretaker Matilda Almaraz. CPS denies responsibility for the placement with Almaraz. This usually means they were not involved, but sometimes they induce a placement with threats while keeping deniability. It looks like the story of Miguel from CPS was a hoax.



Crosbyton police have arrested Leah Marie Aguirre's caretaker and charged her with capital murder

Matilda Almaraz has been charged with capital murder

Ayshire Street home
Police gather outside a home in the 500 block of south Ayshire Street in Crosbyton where they say the body of a small child has been found Thursday.
Stephen Spillman

The body of a small female child was found inside a box and under bags in the basement of Matilda Almaraz’s Crosbyton home and Almaraz has been charged with capital murder, Crosbyton police chief Greg Parrott announced at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Parrott was careful not to identify the body as Leah Marie Aguirre, a 2-year-old girl last seen Jan. 3 and reported missing Tuesday. A post mortem examination will be completed Friday morning.

Almaraz was a friend of the child’s mother, Tina Marie Aguirre-Davis, and the toddler’s caretaker.

Parrott said police executed a search warrant at Almaraz’s home in the 500 block of Ayrshire Street due to some statements made by Almaraz and her “great concern” for a certain area in the basement.

Parrott briefly commented on the scene investigators found inside the house.

“She was intentionally concealed,” the chief said of the child found. “You really had to have been there to see how well concealed she was.”

Parrott said Almaraz is still making some statements to investigators and arrests of other people may or may not take place.

For now, Almaraz faces a state charge but that may change.

“We’re not outside the realm of discussing federal charges,” Parrott said.

Parrott could not comment on whether or not Almaraz had previous criminal history.

The initial story given to law enforcement was that a Child Protective Services worker named “Miguel” had taken the child into state custody.

On Monday, the toddler’s caretakers allegedly called CPS to inform it of an appointment with a speech therapist. CPS stated it did not have the child in its custody.

Police said CPS is conducting its own parallel investigation.

Parrott thanked the community and the country for the show of support and concern for this case.

Source: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal