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Shotgun Divorcées Speak

September 16, 2012 permalink

A Facebook discussion started with the question: "What is with CAS and shotgun divorces? Why are they so hellbent on driving couples apart?". Two victims gave their personal experiences.



Sherry Fischer-Wiskin They did it to my husband and I about two years ago!! We were forced to remain apart for a year, with our 1-2 year son staying with me (we were at a shelter for 4 months of that year!!) all because of flashbacks that weren't true of me. Then a judge says there's no reason to keep us apart, FINALLY, and I got to come home in January 2012, almost a year to the day. We were given a 6 month supervision term, CAS wanted a year, our lawyers said no 6 months. Now, they have closed our file and completely out of our lives!! CAS wouldn't allow me near my step daughter, but had no worries or cares about my being with my son, so....they obviously couldn't have been that worried!!

All I can say to any couples facing the shotgun divorce, even while apart, BE A FAMILY in any way you can!! Remain together and united and DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR FAMILY OR RELATIONSHIP!!

Neil Haskett You are right, they do try and play the couple against each other!! I can't even remember how often they tried keeping DH and I apart!! Every time we asked for a holiday visit or extra time or anything, they denied us, we were forced to have separate lawyers, they tried getting me charged, and had the police trying to pit us against each other!! We told them BEFORE we were forced to separate, that we were only willing to TEMPORARILY. Then we kept telling them that as often as we could, and they'd play dumb, like they expected us to not remain together. We said no, NEVER, it was only temporarily and we'd never agree to separate permanently.

Kim Shook-Advocate I found in my own case the reason CAS tried to break me and my hubby up was because he was my biggest supporter and when above and beyond to help me keep my kids ( he is their step dad),CAS figured without him in the picture I would be more likely to give in and allow them to control me and get me to belive they were there to help

I hear exactly what your saying,I have been fight false allegations for several years for my hubby and I am very close to winning.I can't explain how right now but rest asured I will explain when this mess for me is over.Keep up the fight to prove his inocence,never give up,stand your ground

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