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Worse Than Russia

September 18, 2012 permalink

Vern Beck spoke with a refugee from the USSR. She reports that Canada is worse than Russia.



Vernon Beck

I just finished speaking to an immigrant grandmother from the former Soviet Union who told me that she had come to Canada to get away from the Communist system and now that her son is in the family court, she says that it it worse here than back in Russia. In her very own words, "There is no Justice in Canada".

She spoke of the lawyers taking all the money from the family (one lawyer we have complaints about already). She talked of another family law lawyer who lied and submitted perjured documents and a vindictive ex wife who called police trying to get her son arrested on domestic violence charges while giving different stories to police for the same alleged assault. The grandmother said that this women lied to immigration, lied to the courts has never worked while in Canada or even bothered to learn to speak English.

According to this grandmother, her daughter in law has ruined a once hard working family who only wanted to work and contribute to Canadian Society. The Grandmother cannot understand how the Canadian Family Court System can reward a woman who hates Canada and who had done so many evil deeds.

Welcome to Canada where with one phone call, the lawyers and the courts will destroy hard working Canadians.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch