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Foster Sex-Toy

July 19, 2012 permalink

Former case worker Karen Stephenson reports on abuse and neglect inside foster homes. Three middle-aged women used a foster boy during his pre-teen and teenaged years as their sex-toy. In another case Karen's boss concealed a foster boy's history of hurting animals, then she placed the boy in a home with dozens of animals.



Karen Stephenson It is sad but yes, women as well as men, can be just as rotten. I once case managed foster homes for troubled adolescents and there was a 15 year old male in care (I'll call him Jim); his mother allowed her best friend (a female) to use Jim as she pleased when he was latency aged as a way to pay back for money owed. Absolutely heinous what Jim had to do. Anyway, as a teen in care the sad cycle somewhat continued. Jim would "do" 40 year old women and in return got cigarettes, booze and pot. There were 3 women who were Jim's "friends" - - and at that time, the FACS Niagara worker I had to deal with did nothing.

Source: Facebook, Friends of Protection for Men

Karen Stephenson

Hi Chris.. I posted it at Friends of Protection of Men, a group here at FB. I must make one correction that Attila has misinterpreted... I was a case manager for an OPR (outside placement resource) that was based in Burlington but actually operated out of Barrie. They operated adolescent treatment homes in Simcoe, Hamilton/Wentworth, Halton and York Region. I case managed homes in York Region. The youth was placed in one of our homes in Keswick by FACS Niagara. "Jim" was such a troubled young man and I truly fear where he is nowadays. I can only hope someone has helped to guide him the right way.

I worked for this OPR from 2002 until 2007 and "Jim" had these crimes happen to him prior to coming into care which would have been mid-late 1990's when he was assaulted - on several occasions by his mother's friend. As for these 40 year old women taking advantage of him - that was in 2003 when I found out.

No worries Attila! There are so many other situations too that are so wrong on every level. The one I'll share is that my boss did not care what child was placed where... it was all about $$. The best example of this was a boy from Haldimand-Norfolk CAS.... NO ONE told me about his history (my boss had the papers and he knew) ... and this (I think he was 14 or 15) boy liked to hurt animals. He was placed in one of my homes in which there are dozens of animals. Well holy crap .. I called the Haldimand worker and said he is OUT . . he told me not to go alone to tell the boy this news as he is dangerous. It gets better... the male worker arrived with me and stood on the driveway (this was a home in the country) as I told him.... just brilliant.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch