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Unhelping Profession

July 23, 2012 permalink

Mother Felicia Thompson managed to penetrate security at the Michigan Department of Human Services after her child was seized. The article shows how much security the department uses, and how they plan to upgrade it in response to the failure to exclude Mrs Thompson. Social workers in need of this level of security cannot be said to engage in a helping profession.



DHS breach prompts security changes

Felicia Thompson allegedly threatened CPS worker

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - The Department of Human Services told Target 8 it reviewed procedures after a woman bypassed security at its Grand Rapids office last week and will institute changes as soon as it can.

Court records show Felicia Thompson, 24, threatened a DHS employee and spat on a GRPD officer last Wednesday.

Police confirmed Thompson was angry because Child Protective Services -- a part of DHS -- removed one of Thompson's children from her custody.

In a probable cause hearing last week, an officer said Thompson rode the building's elevator to the third floor with a custodian. The third floor is normally secured and only accessible by a key card swiped in the elevator.

While on the third floor, police say Thompson threatened to assault a DHS case worker. Court records show the worker was not there at the time.

The new changes DHS announced Monday includes an extra security guard on the third floor who will check identification and keep an eye out for people they don't recognize.

Wednesday, GRPD was called and later arrested Thompson a few blocks away, which is when she allegedly spat on an officer.

Target 8 brought in a news camera to the branch on Monday, just a few days after the incident. The crew took video and even rode the elevator as one security guard oversaw the entrance and a couple others watched the second floor.

"In talking with various case workers that work in that office, they've had on-going problems with security and threats," said Ray Holman, a spokesman for UAW Local 6000, the DHS union.

Holman explained the dangers of the job.

"You're dealing with complicated family matters. You're dealing with people's benefits," said Holman.

He said the Grand Rapids office is missing some of the security measures found at other DHS branches.

"Many of the branch offices for DHS around the state have metal detectors, and that particular location does not," Holman said.

DHS said that it is going to institute security changes at the Grand Rapids branch. Security guards on the third floor will check identification and keep an eye out for people they don't recognize.

Source: WOOD Television