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Nameless Girl Dies of Abuse

August 5, 2012 permalink

A four-year-old girl has died from abuse in a Regina home. The adults in the home, Kevin Eric Goforth and Tammy Lynn Goforth, were not her natural parents. Police and the press are silent about what the real relationship was, but it was likely a foster home. The outraged people in the court scene sound like the real parents. Social services had a two-day warning of the impending death, giving them time to muzzle the press and even the police. Until a real name is released, future fixcas reports will refer to the dead girl as Regina Andrews. Enclosed are two news articles and a police report.



2 Regina caregivers charged with abuse appear in court

Kevin Eric Goforth and Tammy Lynn Goforth
Kevin Goforth,37, and Tammy Lynn Goforth, 35, have been jointly charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

It was a dramatic morning in a Regina courthouse Thursday, where two caregivers charged with child abuse made their first appearance.

Tammy Lynn Goforth, 35, and Kevin Goforth,37, have been jointly charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm after two young children were taken to hospital Wednesday suffering from signs of abuse and negligence.

During Tammy Goforth's appearance, two women sitting at the back of the courtroom were visibly upset and walked out, while another man sat at the back sobbing.

When Kevin Goforth was taken away from the prisoner's box, the same man jumped up and began screaming, "What happened."

It took three bailiffs to physically restrain him and remove him from the courtroom.

At that point the judge ordered everyone out of the room for a break.

The couple will be held in custody — they are scheduled to appear for a bail hearing on Aug. 9.

Two sisters in hospital

Officers were sent to a Regina hospital early Wednesday morning to investigate a report of a four-year-old that was in an unresponsive state.

Hospital staff managed to revive the child, but she remains in critical condition.

Police said a preliminary investigation shows the girl was a victim of abuse and neglect.

While at the hospital, officers took the couple into custody.

Police said another child, the two-year-old sister of the victim, was found at a home in the 3500 block of 6th Avenue North.

The two-year-old was also taken to hospital to be treated for abuse and neglect, police said.

Officers had blocked off a home, Wednesday, on Andrews Crescent, which is believed to be where the two children were abused.

The two children remain in hospital.

Source: CBC

4 Year Old Alleged Abuse Victim Dies

Regina Police Service logo

The four year old Regina girl who was hospitalized just after midnight on Wednesday, and is the alleged victim of abuse and neglect, has died.

Regina Police say her name will not be released at this time.

Her two year old sister remains in hospital, and the investigation continues into this case.

The children's caregivers, appear again in court on August 9th.

Any changes in the charges against 37 year old Kevin Eric Goforth and 35 year old Tammy Lynn Goforth of Regina will be read in Provincial Court at that time.

Source: Regina Police Service

Neighbourhood shocked at news of 4-year-old's death

Andrews Crescent, Regina Saskatchewan
Police were holding a residence on Andrews Crescent, believing it to be a possible location of alleged child abuse offences.
Photograph by: Don Healy , Regina Leader-Post

REGINA — The residents of Andrews Crescent in the Uplands neighbourhood are in shock following the death of the four-year-old girl who had been living in the area.

The young girl and her two-year-old sister were living with Kevin Eric Goforth, 37, and Tammy Lynn Goforth, 35, until Aug. 1 when the Regina Police Service responded to a call after the eldest sister was brought to a Regina hospital in an unresponsive state. An investigation into her two-year-old sister followed. The Goforths were arrested, and the two-year-old joined her sister at the hospital, in stable condition.

Though the four-year-old was revived when was taken to hospital, she died Friday morning.

One neighbour burst into tears after learning of the little girl’s death, upset that she had lived next to the house where the neglect allegedly took place.

According to several neighbours, many on the block were unaware that two girls even lived at the property.

The Goforths appeared in court Thursday, where each was charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm. The couple is alleged to have failed to provide nourishment and medical attention to the children.

Police have not provided details of the relationship between the Goforths and the girls in their care, other than to say they weren’t the biological parents. When contacted, the Ministry of Social Services wouldn’t speak to the specific case and wouldn’t say whether the girls were in foster care at the time or if the Goforths are now or ever were foster parents.

The Goforths make their next court appearance Aug. 9, at which time the Crown may change the charges to reflect the four-year-old’s death.

Source: Regina Leader Post

Addendum: The deceased girl is June Alexis Dawn Goforth.