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Dunnville Rally

July 4, 2012 permalink

Wesley Gibson
Wesley Gibson - priceless

A rally for accountability took place today in Dunnville Ontario. Canada Court Watch is using a new trifold (pdf) to hand to police at rallies.

Pictures: [1] [2] [3] [4].

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

After the rally the collected signatures were handed in to MPP Toby Barrett's office. The rally video is on YouTube and our local copy (mp4).

Another photo with an interesting comment by Chris York shows why the trifold is useful.



Dunnville rally

Chris York CAS cringes everytime they see these photos because they have no idea the conversations taking place and never know when one of these officers will be agreeing with us. over the years we have had a number of police officers tell us they hate the CAS and wish they would be abolished and taken over by the government. they have even stated how they would love to be able to arrest some of these workers for crimes.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

The local press reported.



Protesters say Ontario needs ombudsman

Pat Hudak, Bobby Gellner and Chris York
Pat Hudak, Bobby Gillner, and Chris York, and other advocates for Canada Court Watch spent the afternoon in Dunnville collecting signatures for a petition asking for an Ontario Ombudsmen on June 4 after receiving request from Dunnville residents to return since their last protest against the Children’s Aid Society in mid Dec. 2011.


Some familiar faces hit the sidewalks in Dunnville on June 4 in order to collect signatures on their petition.

After receiving numerous requests from Dunnville citizens to return to the community, members and volunteers of Canada Court Watch returned to collect signatures and offer help.

The group made their first appearance in Dunnville in December 2011 when they protested against the Children’s Aid Society (CAS). This time they were back with more information.

A flyer being handed out to those interested in learning more stated “The province of Ontario is the only province in Canada that does not allow the Provincial Ombudsman, who is an officer of the Legislature, to provide trusted, independent investigations of complaints against hospitals, long term care homes, school boards, children’s aid societies, police, retirement homes and universities.”

The quarter-page flyer was concluded with “These services spend over $80 billion of Ontario Taxpayers money and have no oversight. Book a meeting with you local MPP and voice your concerns.”

Advocate Chris York believes Dunnville residents should be taking action for their own well being.

“The residents of Dunnville asked us to come back, the first time we were hear we were only scheduled to stay for two hours, but we ended up staying over five hours because of the local support the community showed,” explained York. “As it stands Ontario doesn’t have ombudsman oversight over a number of things such as municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, long term care facilities – all of them are private agencies yet they receive government funding and they aren’t accountable to anybody.”

York offered an example which he believes should interest local residents.

“Long term care facilities should be a very important issues with the community of Dunnville because it is a retirement town, even my own grand parents lived here,” said York who added “government specifications for long term care facilities dictate that patients only require one diaper change per day – that’s disgusted, and unacceptable.

“Eventually their [the members of the public] relatives or themselves can end up in a long term care facility and no one wants to visit and see messy diapers and bed sores after spending their life building this community on their backs and paying taxes out of their pockets.”

York believes that politically they have the best chance ever to have their voice heard.

“Right now this is the best chance we have at getting these bills passed through the legislature because we have a minority government and we don’t have to worry about the liberals unanimously voting it down,” he said.

“It’s in the best interest of Ontario citizens across the province.”

A complaint was received by the Ontario Provincial Police with regards to the protest but upon arrival could not ask protestors to depart as they were not breaking any laws.

“It’s a public sidewalk so as long as we protest peacefully and do not obstruct traffic you do not need permission, and if you break those rules you take away from your credibility,” said York who admitted to having a good conversation with the officer who responded.

“The minute you violate them [the laws], you aren’t being looked at as a lawful protestor you look like a nuisance.”

The protestors spent almost five hours collecting signatures, while residents joined the protest.

The signatures were presented to the local Toby Barrett office at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce at the end of their day.

Source: Dunnville Chronicle