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St Catharines Rally

November 16, 2011 permalink

girl at St Catharines Ontario rally
cutest critic of the year

Pat Niagara St. Catharines Rally for CAS Oversight & Accountability

On Nov 16th 2011 Advocates from around Ontario once again took Aim at the C.A.S. this time in St. Catharines, ON wanting oversight within the Children's Aid Society. Advocates from Canada Court Watch, Unregistered CAS/FACS workers unlawfully working in Ontario, Protecting Canadian Children all teamed on the corners of Scott Street and Lake Street to bring awareness to the people of St. Catharines asking for oversight of the "MUSH SECTOR" and "The Unlawful Practice of Social Work by Children's Aid Workers in Ontario. We also collected signatures on 3 separate petitions. We also talked to a number of people telling them how to put the school forms in place to keep the Children's Aid away from there kids while at school. We also got a number of honks by cars. And had the police even stop by about the noise from the megaphone once again.


Photos: [1], [assisting the cops], [3], [internet], [girl not for sale], [boy not for sale], [7], [guilty], [sidewalk art] and video: YouTube and local copy (mp4).

Source: Facebook