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Father Threatens Police and Social Workers

November 2, 2011 permalink

Indiana father Ralph David Peters threatened police and social workers after they took away his newborn baby.



Police: Man makes threats, offers bribe

A Greenwood man was arrested after telling police and child protective workers they’d be killed for temporarily taking his baby during a family dispute.

The man also offered police $1,000 to let him out of the patrol car, according to a Greenwood police report.

Ralph David Peters, 42, was arrested on two charges of bribery and a charge of intimidation.

Police were called to a Greenwood home Monday because of a family dispute. Peters, his wife and his sister had a heated argument, the report said.

When officers learned that Peters and his wife needed to leave the home, where they did not live, and had no jobs, nowhere to go, and no one would come pick them up, they called child protective services.

A worker from that agency decided their 2-week-old baby would need to stay with a relative until they had jobs and a place to live.

Peters told police that he is an outlaw, and if they took his baby, he would call other outlaws and implied that officers would be hurt, the report said.

He was arrested and, during the trip to the Johnson County jail, told an officer that he would be dead soon, the report said. When the officer asked him what he meant, Peters said: “The police, (child protective workers) you all have to die sometime, and I’m just saying you’re going to die real soon,” the report said.

Peters also offered the officer $1,000 let him out of the car, the report said.

Peters was being held Tuesday at the jail on $14,000 bond.

Source: Daily Journal