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Brooklynn Faith Joslin-Magro R.I.P.

December 31, 2011 permalink

Laura Lee Joslin with Brooklynn Faith Joslin-Magro
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Brooklynn Faith Joslin-Magro passed away at the age of twenty one months in Hamilton Ontario on December 29, 2011. Great-aunt Mary Joslin provides this story of her brief life.



My great-niece Brooklynn Faith Joslin and her twin sister Destinie Hope Joslin were born to my niece Laura prematurely on March 20, 2010 by cesarean section. Brooklynn weighed 1 pound 12 oz and Destinie weighed 1 pound 7.5 oz. The twins were born either 25 weeks gestation or 29 weeks I can't remember exactly. Laura also has 3 other children that CAS did not remove from the home. CAS ONLY took the babies.

What Laura has told me is that she told her mother that she wanted to move from Hamilton, Ontario to Mississauga, Ontario where her boyfriend lives. Her mother got all pissy and called CAS telling them lies about Laura. CAS came and took the twins saying that they were not getting proper medical care and that Laura as a single mother could not handle having two babies with their health problems. Once CAS apprehended the twins they were separated and placed in different foster homes. Destinie is still with the foster home that she was placed in. Brooklynn was moved to different homes, 2 or 3 homes before her untimely death. Brooklynn had a shunt placed in her brain to drain fluids. On one of Laura's visits she noticed something wasn't right with Brooklynn and told both the CAS worker and foster parent. They said she was ok and did nothing. Laura persisted and they eventually had Brooklynn checked. The doctors did a CAT scan and found the shunt was blocked. They told Laura and CAS she would need surgery. Laura consented right away but CAS hummed and hawed before finally giving consent. When the surgery was being done, the doctor had to tug on the shunt as it had skin overgrowing it, when they did that her brain started bleeding. Brooklynn then went into a coma. Whether by meds or because it was too much for her little body I do not know. When I was told about this I started a group in Facebook as support for Laura hoping prayers would help Brooklynn in her fight to survive. In creating the group it brought many people from everywhere close and praying for Brooklynn. When Brooklynn came out of the coma she couldn't hold her head up on her own and wouldn't feed from a bottle. The doctors then put a feeding tube on Brooklynn so she was able to eat. Just before Christmas Laura was called into the hospital because Brooklynn was failing, her heart rate was up and down and her body was refusing the feeding tube On December 29th early in the morning Laura was again called to the hospital, the doctors gave Brooklynn not long to live and wanted Laura there. Laura got to the hospital and Brooklynn passed away 7:40 pm. When she passed her mom, a CAS worker and the doctor were in the room. Anytime Laura went to the hospital a CAS worker was always in the room with her and her boyfriend. Not all the workers that Laura had were bad or rude to her, some were sympathetic and comforted her. Was a different worker each time I believe.

After Brooklynn had passed away Laura's mother came to the hospital and had tried giving Laura a hug and kiss. Laura pulled away and said: Don't touch me you don't love me you did this".

Soldiers over in Greece lit candles for Brooklynn praying for her to survive. Brooklynn was here for a short while until she was called home. She was an angel for the little while she was with us and she is now an angel watching over her mom, step-dad, brother Robert and her sisters Kiylalee, Sofia and Destinie among those that her little heart has touched.

If it weren't for Laura's mother calling CAS and telling the lies, maybe/possible Brooklynn would still be here with us today and not up in heaven. R.I.P Brooklynn you sweet angel.

Source: email from Mary E Joslin

Addendum: The obituary from the Hamilton Spectator is below:



JOSLIN, Brooklynn Faith

Classified Type: Obituaries & Death Notices

Location: Hamilton

JOSLIN, Brooklynn Faith March 20, 2010 - December 29, 2011 It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Brooklynn Faith on December 29, 2011. She leaves behind parents Laura (Shawn), grandparents Wendy (Marcel), Sandra, great-grandmother Carol, twin sister Destinie, brother Robert and sisters Kiyla and Sofia, many aunts, uncles and cousins. Visitation will be held at L.G. Wallace Funeral Home, 151 Ottawa St. N. (905- 544-1147) on Friday, January 6th from 1-3 p.m. with a service to follow. In lieu of flowers, the family requests a donation to McMaster Children's Hospital.

Source: Metroland (Hamilton Spectator)