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Escape from CAS!

September 16, 2011 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports on a boy who ran away from CAS but was forcibly returned after CAS applied to a judge for a warrant. He escaped again and avoided CAS until reaching the age of 16 years. According to the law he is old enough to be safe from forcible return, but another case has been reported to fixcas of police returning an escaped ward over age 16.



Teen slams Chatham Kent CAS for abuse while in care

(Sept 15, 2011) Earlier this year a 15-year-old teen who had gone AWOL from the Chatham Kent CAS contacted Canada Court Watch to report how he and other children were being abused while in care of the CAS. Attached for downloading was a letter sent by the teen immediately after he went AWOL.

In spite of this teen's letter to the CAS simply asking that they stop abusing him and let him go back and live with his family, the Chatham Kent CAS maliciously obtained a secret warrant from the Chatham court to have the teen forced back to the CAS using Chatham Police as thugs to do their dirty work. Police raided the home where the child was safely residing and using force, took the child back to the CAS where he was abused even further for running away. A copy of the teen's letter to the judge who was fooled by CAS into giving the warrant will be posted soon.

All this teen wanted to do was to get out of CAS, go back and to live with family and to go back to school. In spite of this boy's reasonable requests, the Chatham Kent CAS spent thousands of tax dollars to mislead the court and to abuse police services in an attempt to punish this teen and to force the boy to live under the care of the CAS as a Ward of the Society.

The CAS workers involved in this case were as expected not registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and working unlawfully.

Luckily this story had a good ending. After hiding out with his friends for over two months and evading police and CAS search teams, this teen finally won his hard earned freedom from the clutches of the Chatham Kent CAS. In August the teen turned 16 and the CAS finally gave up after spending thousands of tax dollars trying to catch the boy and to force him back to their care.

Attached is the letter the boy sent to the CAS when he first went AWOL. (local copy of letter, pdf)

Source: Canada Court Watch