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Litigation Settled

September 7, 2011 permalink

All adverse parties having agreed, the litigation against fixcas and Robert T McQuaid filed on August 10,2009 has been settled. There have been no additional court filings since August 2009 and there are no other terms and conditions beyond those shown in the expand block.




I, ROBERT T McQUAID, editor of the website known as "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), do absolutely, unreservedly, and sincerely apologize to Mr. Peter Ringrose, Mr. Bill Shin, Ms. Angela Perkins, Ms. Robin Bouck, Ms. Pautette Kane-Abbott and the Family and Children's' Services of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, for republishing on the Website, offensive newsletters which referred to the named individuals in defamatory language. I accept full responsibility for the republication of the defamatory language and apologize.

I also undertake to Mr. Ringrose, Mr. Shin, Ms. Perkins, Ms. Bouck and Ms. Kane-Abbott and the Family and Children's Services of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo that the three newsletters described in the statement of claim will be removed from the Website

I agree to publish this apology and to maintain it on the Website for 90 days following the first date of publication and to make the apology known to anyone viewing the Website inserting a hyperlink to, "Apology to Family and Children's Services of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo"

DATED at Mattawa, Ontario this 14 day of April, 2010.


Robert T McQuaid

Addendum: It is over with the Full and Final Release (pdf). The case against Mr Carter ended with a judgment (pdf) enjoining him from libel or slander against the plaintiffs or the Waterloo CAS, and and costs of $7,000.