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Baby Saved

October 22, 2011 permalink


On October 21, 2011 answering a call for support at the Greater Niagara General Hospital advocates came together In order to support a young couple whose child was at risk of apprehension. After a long anxiety ridden day FACS workers made their appearance and after a long meeting with the parents and supporters the news to report Is great, baby girl gets to go home with mom and dad. New friendships were formed and many stories shared and at the end of the day everyone went home happy.

Thank you to FACS Niagara workers who did the right thing In this case.

OCT 21, 2011 Photos by PAT NIAGARA



Baby saved from FACS Niagara at Greater Niagara General Hospital

Another case in the same thread:

Chris York With a bit of luck at the end of this month on the 31st there may just be another child going home to her mother thanks to all the help of Canada Court Watch and the rest of the advocates out here. A judge has order the child to be in the court so they can hear from the child directly regardless of what the CAS has to say. This child IS going to be heard on the 31st and could very well be out trick or treating with her mom that night. This is all huge news for advocates alike in Ontario as the tide is starting to turn and our hard work is starting to pay off... children are going home and children originally destined to be apprehended by the CAS are being left in their homes and CAS is running from the cameras. Its news like this that makes me dam PROUD to be a member of Canada Court Watch. We can rejoice in knowing that there are 2 children saved from the evil clutches of over zealous lying workers looking to fatten their bank books. October 22, 2011

Source: Facebook

Addendum: Here is the video YouTube and local copy (mp4).

Addendum: Seven months later, CAS ended the case against this family.