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Sued for Rally

September 9, 2011 permalink

Dave Flook has been sued by CAS of Chatham-Kent. Other children's aid societies have attempted to scare off rallies by calling the police [1] [2] [3], but Chatham-Kent has adopted another strategy. Bypassing a trial, CAS is moving for an immediate order getting criticism off his website. Part of the complaint concerns the conduct of persons attending the rally in Chatham on August 17. Mr Flook does not look like the kind of man who can afford serious legal defense, so he could soon be getting an order to shut up or go to jail. Success in squelching Mr Flook could spread to others attending rallies in the future. Don't think of complaining to your MPPs about this case. The provincial election will keep them out-of-town until after the court date. Below are the particulars as posted by Dave Flook. Text corrected September 10.



CAS final motion against Dave Flook

Hey folks,

Just a quick post here. Yet, another chapter in the on going saga of the CAS vs Dave Flook (otherwise known as YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK).

I was served today with a motion. In this motion they include quite a lot of so-called evidence (which would be laughed out of court by the way) but so-called evidence nevertheless. Interestingly, they include a full synopsis of our Rally (including what was written on our signs... what this actually has to do with their initial claims of Libel I'm not too entirely sure). They also included some Canada Court Watch brochures - which I myself was not handing out but fully endorsed others to hand out. I just find it rather interesting that they are using other groups posters and educational materials as evidence against me. Are we padding our files here folks??

On a more serious side of things - you will notice in the scanned PDFs below that they have included screen captures of our facebook chats.

This, as far as Im concerned is a whole new can of worms and poses very serious connotations. Their lack of redaction or failure to black out anyone's names BUT mine (Dave Flook under the Not All Dads Are Deadbeats title - which I only claim responsibility for ones there are signed as ~ Dave Flook since we have 4 admins who post under the NADADs title). means that every single name and post listed is now submitted as official evidence!!!

I know of 8 people who will be phoning the Chatham CAS to find out why their names and posts are being used in this manner. One is more than willing to go as far as suing the Chatham CAS if their names continue to be used.

An interesting note however - the investigator forgot to redact his/her own friends list (which is clearly obvious in the post below). We will be making every single person on this list aware that their names are now officially submitted as formal evidence in a superior court lawsuit.

I don't know about you but I think I would be pretty pissed off if my name was submitted as evidence in this manner.

My reply to the CAS is simple - I've always been more than willing to sit down and talk about these issues and more than willing to present them in the most honest fashion. I do not wish to cause harm to anyone's career but rather ensure that there is oversight and protocols in place to lessen any instance of potential corruption or abuse.

I'm not a lawyer and sadly I do not have unlimited public funds to back me up (unlike you)... But I promise you that you will never win in a court of public opinion.

So....send me to jail if you must..but you will never stop me from fighting for the principals I believe in.

~ Dave Flook

Final Motion Parts:

Cover: pdf

  1. Notice Of Motion: pdf
  2. Affidavit of Michael Stephans: pdf
  3. Exhibit "a" site printout: pdf
  4. Exhibit "b" letter: pdf
  5. Exhibit "c" facebook printout: pdf
  6. Exhibit "d" notice: pdf
  7. Exhibit "e" site printout: pdf
  8. Affidavit of Jay Lockley (lawyer investigator): pdf
  9. Exhibit "3a" flyer: pdf
  10. Exhibit "3b" flyer: pdf
  11. Exhibit "C2" flyer: pdf

These are the names (in Section C of the final motion) that are on the investigators friends list. Most are from Windsor if you want to add them to your list and ask them how they feel about now being included in the official evidence against Dave Flook from Not All Dads Are

  • Adam Jarvis
  • Al Maghnieh
  • Andrea Harris
  • Andrea MacGillivray
  • Dave Jones
  • Emily Limarzi
  • Gayl Katzman
  • James Chauvin
  • Jane Deneau
  • Joe McParland
  • Johanna Glbson-Lawler
  • John Brennan
  • John Morris Russell
  • Kelsey Dilkens
  • Kristie Leach Tod
  • Landon Cocodile Hunt ...
  • Mike Kakuk
  • T.J. Dilkens
  • Ted Dilkens
  • Tina Montagano-Gros...
  • Valerie Rennie Critchley
  • Wendy Potomski

Source: Not All Dads Are Deadbeats