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Surprise Crown Wards

July 7, 2011 permalink

Lisa Stevenson, maiden name Lisa Spring Sweet, got involved with CAS when Kingston Ontario CAS seized her children in February 2007. She later moved to British Columbia where she had another child. Last month her children became crown wards in an Ontario court action, though Lisa was not informed of the trial until a month after the crown ward decision. (The court record probably says that Lisa was served but failed to appear, so judgment was awarded by default). Lisa is aware of the abuse awaiting her children because she grew up in foster and adoptive care herself. Here is a link to a website Lisa created in 2007, her narrative is enclosed below.



I live in Duncan BC, I have children placed in foster care in Ontario. They were taken back in 2007 claiming AT RISK for neglect. 6 months later nothing was accomplished in the courts, so I placed the children with a family member of their father rather than having them in foster care any longer. In August 2007 it went sour, they denied me access and no lawyer would bother to help since it said at the families discretion. They however felt it ok to let the drug addicted father to visit the children since he is their nephew and were upset I had left him. I not being able to see my children moved away, I couldn't deal with it very well so I moved here to BC. I was able to see the children in May 2008 upon returning to Kingston Ontario for a half hour on my youngest daughters birthday at which point the aunt who has them said I was not to tell their father because he didn't want me to see them. That was the last time I seen them. The aunt said because someone told her I was going to kidnap my kids (which was a lie) that she would put a restraining order on me if I came around again. I returned once again to BC.

In August 2008 I became pregnant and when my sister who lives in Quebec found out she called in to tell them and claim I was mentally unstable and refusing to take my medications (never happened, at all shes a liar that's what she does all her life) and also told them I was an escort. (she is the escort actually, not me.) The ministry MCFD here in Duncan decided to get involved after they checked my file back east. They put an alert on me at the hospital.

I will say I was lucky there, I got a worker by the name of Vanessa Porter who did her homework. She read my file, and actually decided to follow up on many of the allegations such as me being drug addicted and an alcoholic as well as the mental health issues. She found them to be unfounded and of no proof and disregarded them.

I now have my two year old son in my care, have been intensively investigated by MCFD .

In August 2010 my four girls were basically dumped in foster care by the aunt and uncle who no longer wanted them. Rather than let me know because they figured since their nephew can't look after them, well their mother can't either. I have been promised phone conversations both my the aunt and uncle preceding the time the kids went back into care, and once they were in care. Nothing to date.

I cannot get legal aid, so I sent the plan of care to the worker in Kingston, Max Price. He said he got it and that we were now awaiting a case conference. Nothing for months. After contacting him almost everyday, I had a worker here by the name of Daniel Bell call back east and he was told I am in default and that the crown wardship court case is going ahead without me. I have been calling almost everyday for the last two months to legal aid to find out their decision, still nothing. Time goes on, the court case goes on. My girls are going to be adopted.

MCFD worker told Max Price in Ontario they fully support my four girls coming home to me. It apparently is not good enough for them that I have been cleared by MCFD.

Now here I sit today unknowing as to what is going on because now neither agency will speak to me. MCFD Duncan won't since I am no longer involved with them and have my child and they have no concerns, nor will Ontario. I had to take that to the child and youth board.

My one daughter was on Facebook but because her foster mother doesn't agree with the fact I don't feel she should be making my daughters call her their mother she blocked Lilly the 11 yr old from contact with me.

What can be done? I know I have basically lost, and stand no chance but I have to try for them. Nor can I give up, anything I can do to make my story known helps others in the long run, so its not just about me, its about all the innocent families out there.

Lisa Stevenson

ps I grew up in foster care and a very abusive adoptive home so this was their biggest reasoning I may harm my own children.

Source: email from Lisa Stevenson